Brookside gets flowing at Oklahoma’s Jewell Well

2 September 2021


Rueben Hale
An Oilfield Worker in His Thirties Pumps Down Lines at an Oil and Gas Drilling Pad Site on a Cold, Sunny, Winter Morning

Brookside Energy has observed oil and gas much earlier than expected during test-flows leading up to its foundation Jewell Well coming online in the US state of Oklahoma this month.

Following the timely clean-up of the well, crews have commenced flow-back operations to temporary facilities specifically designed to remove sand and other debris from the stimulation fluids used during initial flow-back.

Brookside will bring Jewell Well into production as oil prices trend around $US72 a barrel for at least the rest of the year, with works already underway at the next well as part of its 5-year, 20-plus well-development program in the state’s world-class Anadarko Basin.

 “It is fantastic to have another key operational milestone met successfully and to be moving into the flow-back stage of operations on the Jewell Well,” managing director David Prentice said.

 “It is also very pleasing to see oil and gas observed in the temporary facilities at such an early stage in the completion fluid recovery phase.

“We are looking forward to bringing updates from the flow-back to our shareholders as we start to flow the well through our permanent production facilities on location and commence sales of oil and gas.

 In the lead-up to production commencing, Brookside plans to continue flow-back operations to recover stimulation fluids and turn the well from temporary to permanent production facilities.

 The company’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed shares had risen 3.23 per cent, trading at 3.2c today (11:50 am GMT+ 8 hours).


Brookside Energy Limited is an Australian publicly held company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:BRK). The Company was reinstated to official quotation on the ASX on 5 August 2015, following completion of the Company’s recapitalisation.

Brookside has established deep and valued relationships in the oil and gas sector over the last 10 years through its successful activities in the industry focused on the mid-continent region of the United States.

Brookside’s goal is to build value per share through a disciplined portfolio approach to the acquisition and development of producing oil and gas assets and the leasing and development of acreage opportunities.


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