Pan Asia powering downstream in battery heartland

11 March 2022 15:41

Pan Asia Metals are joining the battery boom from its east-Asian heartland, focused on energy generation minerals critical for the world’s transition away from a reliance on fossil fuels.

Progress over the past decade toward a global renewables-powered energy system is set to accelerate rapidly in the coming decades, with eight of the world’s ten largest economies now pledging net zero emissions by 2050.

But the World Economic Forum has concluded we are still well short of meeting our 2030 and 2050 goals today, requiring extra effort on planning and solutions to end energy poverty and limit climate change with affordable, renewable and sustainable energy for all.

Speaking at the recent Mining & Metals Day, managing director of Pan Asia Paul Lock held that his company was committed to the big picture rather than a quick buck.

“We are a big believer in the new energy and tech revolution – this is a step-change in how the world operates, and we want to be a part of it,” Lock said.

“But we want to be a part of it with integrity, conviction and determination.

“We are here to do more than dig a hole in the ground – we are here to add a lot of value to all stakeholders.”

Lock said the business model would give long term benefits beyond a company’s bottom line.

“When you’re a company like ours, you have to look at longer terms and projects that can survive the commodity cycle,” he said

“We have four battery metal projects just north of Phuket, the only such projects in southeast Asia.

“These projects are at the bottom of the cost curve and up to one third cheaper than Australia or Canada, while remaining in an advanced industrial and low-risk environment.”

He said location is everything because it provides an opportunity to embed a more profound value chain, unlike many in its peer group limited by geography.

“We are looking for projects to move past the mine gate and get into the value chain to move downstream while delivering a product with a low carbon footprint.”

“Bangkok is here – the Eastern Economic Corridor is an extensive industrial zone, our first port of call for battery and EV manufacturing,” he adds.

“And if we are ahead there, then we have markets in China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan and more developing, we are sitting in the middle of our market.”

True to the vision, the company is looking beyond shareholder profits with its ‘Village Scientist’ initiative helping local communities, including schools, with equipment, books, sports, and healthcare.

“You need a good awareness of culture and how to operate – it helps us be at one with the community,” he said.

PAM’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed price was trading at 52c today (12:05 pm UTC+ 8 hours).


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