Plenty for Small Caps in 2022!

30 March 2022 13:28

Yesterday’s budget will continue to undergo the grand reveal over the coming days, and fine details will be pored over.

But a point of consensus will be that resources are have been big winners, with the sector receiving a 10 per cent budgetary windfall within a year.

The government is allocating investment in processing, infrastructure and export capabilities to take advantage of soaring commodity prices in rapidly emerging new technology markets.

Critical Minerals

A $2 billion Critical Minerals Facility for loan capabilities to help secure supplies of vital resources was the big-ticket set to cause a new wave of exploration across the country.

An additional $200 million in grants will be available through a Critical Minerals Accelerator initiative to speed up development and attract the private sector, plus a $50.5 million Critical Minerals Research and Development Centre.

A $328.3 million initiative commitment will boost downstream processes of critical minerals and provide confidence to explorers.

Companies looking to advance environmental surveys to strike into hot commodity markets could get a speed boost with $128.5 million in ecological law reform for streamlining approval processes.

Fossil fuels

A massive $7.1 billion was included to power up to four key fossil fuel regions and build energy security.

A 5-year $148.6 million will grow investment in affordable and reliable power, including microgrids in less-populated parts of the country.

The natural gas sector seen as key for transition will receive $50.3 million in grants to accelerate priority infrastructure and storage projects.

Renewable energy

The Low Emissions Technology Commercialisation Fund provided a $500 million boost for developing new green technologies and $158.7 million in funding to support two additional clean hydrogen hubs.

Australian Renewable Energy support of $84 million is aimed at building private sector investment in green technologies.

Infrastructure and logistics

Infrastructure spending is certain to aid a number of juniors with a $2 billion increase to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund and $400 million for Outback Way, the great road kicking off at Laverton and crossing through Alice Springs and major mining regions en route to Winton in Queensland.

Included was a $1.5 billion investment in the Pilbara to increase mineral processing, focusings on a low-emission, next-generation export hub.

Environmentally minded transportation gets a hand with a fresh $177.7 million for the Future Fuels Fund supporting heavy and long-distance freight technologies and hydrogen refuelling stations.


Seekers of skilled workers hampered by border closures welcome a further $2.8 billion on apprentice schemes and an increase in net migration with an additional $3.7 billion ticketed for small businesses to invest in training.

More budget news to come as it happens.


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