Noronex claiming the Kalahari’s copper

29 August 2022 10:27
Noronex drilling in the KCB

Noronex Limited have intercepted numerous copper horizons across a kilometre of strike length, with 11 of 13 holes striking into the red metal from extension drilling on its Daheim prospect in the Namibian end of the Kalahari Copper Belt.

A fresh intercept was notably struck 500 metres west of the original intersections.

The Kalahari exploration package now covers over 5600 square kilometres of the belt, holding around 300 kilometres of strike length targeting the key formation point where most of the underexplored region’s copper deposits occur.

Copper has been hot in the news after OZ Minerals made a stunning rejection of a BHP takeover bid, with key industry figures bullish that a looming shortfall of the modern metal could short-circuit global electrification.

The company said it had refined understanding of the system and the rig was back on site testing new and open areas to the northeast.

“I have recently returned from visiting Daheim, the high priority domal target at Helm in the Snowball JV and our new applications out on the Botswana border to facilitate granting of the tenements and drill testing of these exciting targets,” chief geologist Bruce Hooper said

With completed drilling at Erfenis having interestcted the prospective black shale target and a field reconnaissance visit to the Humpback tenement completed, next up for Noronex is drill testing the high priority Helm dome target.

Significant results:

  • 4m @ 1.7 % Cu from 43m, 4m @ 1.4 % Cu from 68m and 3m @ 1.6 % Cu from 135m in 22DHRC25
  • 3m @ 2.1 % Cu from 54m and 3m @ 0.8 % Cu from 43m in 22DHRC24
  • 5m @ 0.8% Cu from 28m, 11m @ 0.4% Cu from 85m, 2m @ 1.3 % Cu from 123m and 2m @ 1.4 % Cu from 138m in 22DHRC16

NRX’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price was trading at 6c today (9.12 am UTC+8 hours).

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