Investors hear Tyranna roar

9 September 2022 13:47

Investor eyes have taken notice of Tyranna Resources and its burgeoning Namibe lithium project since the dawn of the new financial year and Catalyst Hunters are increasingly bullish and have it named as the 2022 pick of the year.

Pick of the year is given to the stock in Catalyst Hunters’ eyes that has the right mix to potentially meet an investment goal of a thousand per cent plus returns over a three-year hold period.

Tyranna’s recent performance on the ASX shows why Catalyst is so confident, with a share price growing from 1.7c at the end of the financial year to now be sitting at 5c — a jump of over 194 per cent.

The surge coincides with TYX becoming the majority shareholder in Namibe since its late June acquisition.

Namibe has over 600 lithium bearing rocks poking out of the Angolan ground, with outcropping pegmatites alone measuring up to 1500 metres long and 100m wide, with a prospective strike zone large enough to host multiple of the world’s largest lithium mines.

And Tyranna are only a few months from the first ever lithium exploration drillhole on the project.

The bet for Catalyst is Tyranna making discovery and definition of a large and easy to process lithium resource on par with world class multi-billion dollar ASX jumpers like Pilbara Minerals.

The early-stage ASX investment company have hit on its picks of the year before, with previous entrants EXR, IVZ, PRL and ONE all hitting a peak of 795 per cent or higher from the initial entry price.

Work on Namibe is still in relative infancy, but early results have certainly been compelling.

Rock-chip sampling last month returned up to 9.74 per cent lithium oxide with a majority showing visible mineralisation while revealing mineralised spodumene structures, the source rock for the majority of the world’s lithium with high grades and recoveries.

With targets identified, Tyranna is currently preparing for a widespread drilling campaign at Namibe before the end of the year.

Share prices accurate from 9:41 pm UTC+8 hours.

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