Krakatoa’s clay-hosted campaign

19 September 2022 12:04

Krakatoa Resources bear a many-stringed bow, but across the conference world, the focus is square on rare earths and discovery of clay-hosted REEs at Mt Clere.

China’s stranglehold on the critical minerals rests largely in great amounts of ionic-clay-hosted rare earths and any discoveries outside its borders are bound to attract significant interest.

So it was little surprise when the first assays from Mt Clere’s Tower prospects came home with thick intersections of clay-hosted mineralisation, it lead to a share price surge and a $5 million capital raising to put exploration on the fast track.

The company have drilling over the Tower prospects wrapped up, with a maiden resource en route and are combining its ground campaign with a series of investor presentations.

And with global electrification happening before us, the company said the factors for supply and demand on rare earths were abundantly clear.

“We know what we need, the minerals are set in stone,” chief executive Mark Major said at the New World Metals investment series in Perth.

“The market is there, the deficit is there, it is going to open up.”

Major said the tech, information and intellectual property on rare earth mining are largely under wraps in China but Krakatoa are perfectly perched in the tier one mining landscapes of Australia.

“We have got, we believe, the metals in the ground, ready to go,” he said.

Not many companies can claim all its projects are wholly owned and while REEs are under the spotlight, all Krakatoa projects are under 100 per cent control with prospects for a swag of future facing metals including lithium, tantalum, tin, niobium, rubidium, copper and nickel.

With Perth now in the rear view mirror, Krakatoa are set to present at New World Metals Sydney tomorrow before jetting off into the Asian heartland of the EV boom for Singapore Mining Day.

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