Riversgold Limited (ASX: RGL) – vectoring into the next lithium discovery

19 October 2022 10:54

The lithium sector has been red hot the last two years and all evidence are pointing to another long bull run. The narrative of the supply shortage of lithium is gathering pace and even I am on the band wagon now.

One of the most important point that readers need to understand is that lithium in an economic deposit is not easy to locate. In my opinion, in the immediate short to medium term, two things will happen. First is that the price of lithium will go significantly higher. The second is that the demand and the pricing will drive more exploration for lithium. The need to find more will be a driver for more exploration activities in Western Australia and Australia.

Canada and the United States will see more activity as well, but I sense that the activity here in Australia will be the major player. Hence, there is a need for investors to understand how this will happen. What the oncoming results mean will be critical.

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In this episode of Coffee with Samso, I have Julian Ford sharing with us his take on the industry. I wanted Julian to give us a good understanding of what the companies are doing, how they are doing it and what the results mean in the scheme of finding the motherlode or the Holy Grail. 

As you watch the episode, I hope you take what Julian is sharing as a way to view the landscape of the business. Julian gives us a good review of how Riversgold is exploring and why they have high hopes for their Pilbara projects. I mentioned that there is not much knowledge about how to find and where to find the infamous LCT pegmatites as the search for these pegmatites has only been two to three years old.

As an exploration geologist, I used to wander the wilderness in search for boring things like alteration in rocks, sharing, quartz veins…etc. That was my favorite past time. Exploring was an exciting activity for me. You just never know what you may find. Sometimes you see lots of pegmatites and they are famous as pretty crystals of tourmaline.

Who would have thought that these pegmatites will one day have more value than just being pretty tourmaline crystals?

Take some time, listen to the episode and use the information as part of your DYOR process.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:14 About Julian and Riversgold.

02:55 Is West Australia the place to be for lithium?

04:51 Rundown on Riversgold projects.

07:49 The business of lithium.

16:31 Are pegmatites the beneficiating system?

20:06 The effectiveness of geophysics.

22:17 LCT model.

23:50 Looking for pegmatites.

25:32 Percentage of pegmatites that are LCTs.

27:38 How to evaluate a project?

30:56 Are shallow drilling pegmatites the norm?

32:04 More underground mines as time progresses?

33:36 Riversgold Board.

34:45 The lithium market.

37:10 News flow.

39:33 Why Riversgold?

40:48 Conclusion

This is a good time to download the first Ebook (FREE) from Samso as it is all about VMS (Volcanogenic Massive Sulfides).



Riversgold Limited (ASX: RGL) - Vectoring into the next Lithium Discovery.

About Julian Ford

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Ford has 30+ years’ experience in the mining industry with global experience including Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. Mr Ford has held senior positions within several major resource companies including Alcoa, British Gas, Western Metals Limited. Since 2004, Mr Ford has focused on managing a number of successful start-ups, including transitioning a number of these from concept/exploration to production.

Mr Ford holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Natal, a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Africa and a Graduate Diploma in Business Management from the University of Western Australia. He has been a member of the AusIMM for 20 years.

About Riversgold Limited (ASX: RGL)

Riversgold Ltd is an ASX-listed exploration company focused on discovering and developing large lithium systems in the world-renowned Pilbara and Yilgarn cratons of Western Australia.

In early 2022, the Company acquired a suite of four lithium-prospective exploration tenement applications covering 164km2 in the Pilbara region. The key Tambourah Project is underexplored and has the potential to host a major lithium-caesium-tantalum system much like the nearby Pilgangoora and Wodgina deposits.

Further, the Company has acquired a tenement package of 292km2 prospective for lithium in the Southern Cross-Marvel Loch region of Western Australia as well as securing an option to acquire 80% of tenement E77/2784 immediately to the east of the globally significant Mt Holland lithium project in the same region.

The Riversgold portfolio also offers strong exposure to gold and nickel through its large landholding at the Kurnalpi Project in the Yilgarn.


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