Orpheus Minerals Limited on nuclear energy: uranium as a cleaner energy source

17 November 2022 13:45

Coffee with Samso Episode 161 is all about uranium. Orpheus Minerals Limited (ASX: ORP) is currently completing their Initial Public Offer which closes on the 25th November 2022.

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Closure date of the offer: 5PM AEST Friday 25 November 2022

Simon Mitchell, the Managing Director of Orpheus Minerals Limited (ASX: ORP) shares his thoughts on a sector that rarely makes an appearance in recent media coverage. Simon has extensive experience in the uranium sector and he gives a great summary of why Orpheus is on a path that is now getting some attention.

Uranium has been a dirty word for awhile and the last major market interest of substance was as far back as 2006. There was some interest a couple of years back, but that was very short lived.

In this episode we focused on the Orpheus projects and what the market sentiments will be for uranium. We had a discussion of the two major styles of uranium geology.

This is a great episode for new investors to get some sort of an understanding on the roll-front and unconformity style uranium deposits.

Listen to Simon here:

We also talked about the market and why the future for uranium looks bright. Orpheus has also selected projects in two Australian states that have good uranium mining policies.

Those that are looking for exposure in this sector should take a good look at Orpheus Minerals as they have two of the main points I always look for in a company i.e. a good project, and an even better management.

Check out the management team and you will find that there is a great wealth of experience in the uranium space. This is very rare. There are not many uranium exploration companies that have a staple of uranium experience like Orpheus Minerals Limited.

The key to the uranium industry, from an investor’s point of view is the global wave of acceptance to build more nuclear reactors. According to Simon, this has already happened. This gives me the greatest confidence that the investor’s position is near.




Orpheus Minerals Limited on nuclear energy: uranium as a cleaner energy source

Do Your Own Research but don’t let this slip.



00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:23 Introduction to Simon Mitchell.

02:38 Why Australia for Uranium?

03:37 Australian Uranium Province.

05:47 The Orpheus Paleo-Channel Projects.

06:15 The Orpheus Northern Territory Projects.

06:43 The Frome Project.

07:53 The Two Major Styles of Uranium Geology.

08:56 The Paleo-Channel / Roll-Front Uranium Style.

10:51 Do Paleo-Channel Uranium Projects occur together?

12:53 The Cooking Pot – Mineral System of Uranium Mineralisation.

13:56 Phosphate as a Uranium Pathfinder Mineral.

15:17 The Unconformity Uranium Geology.

20:08 Geological Unconformity Explained.

21:06 The Covid Unconformity Example.

21:25 Why is Uranium going to be in Focus?

26:33 Where is the Uranium Discussion Now?

27:44 What’s the Global Nuclear Point of View?

32:34 What is the progress of Nuclear Safety?

34:46 Great Advancement of Safety in the Nuclear sector.

37:09 The Orpheus IPO Progress.

38:04 Key takeaway from Simon Mitchell.

38:39 Key management of Orpheus Minerals Limited.

40:26 Conclusion


Simon Mitchell

Managing Director


Simon Mitchell was appointed Managing Director of Orpheus on 1 November 2021. Mr. Mitchell is a geologist and corporate executive with 31 years of resources industry experience in both technical and finance roles. From 2015 to 2021, Mr Mitchell was CEO and Managing Director of Southern Gold Limited, an ASX listed gold exploration company with a focus on Australia and South Korea.

Mr Mitchell was General Manager of Business Development with ASX listed uranium exploration and mine development company Toro Energy Limited from 2006 until 2013 where he was responsible for managing the raising of more than US$80m.

Mr Mitchell was also the lead executive for Toro in the A$280m takeover of ASX listed Nova Energy, then owner of the Lake Way-Centipede uranium project, near the town of Wiluna. Subsequent to the Nova acquisition, Mr Mitchell also negotiated a series of deals to consolidate the broader Wiluna Uranium project, doubling the resource base from 24mlb uranium oxide to more than 50mlb uranium oxide.

Prior to Toro Energy, Mr Mitchell had 10 years gold exploration and mine development experience with Normandy NFM, RGC, Goldfields and Aurora Gold in Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, and worked for six years at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, predominantly in Project Finance.


Orpheus Minerals Limited

Orpheus Minerals Limited was established to explore and discover greenfield uranium deposits in South Australia and the Northern Territory at economic grade and scale. The focus is on sandstone/sediment hosted (paleochannel roll front or structurally controlled) and unconformity (hard rock) uranium deposit types as these are typically higher grade or more simply extracted.

Orpheus’s exploration focus is on the Australian jurisdictions that presently include approved and operating (or recently operating) uranium mines – South Australia and the Northern Territory. These are also the jurisdictions considered to have high prospectivity for economic uranium deposits and have the regulatory systems at both state and federal level supportive of the development of new uranium mines.

Orpheus Minerals is an Australian unlisted public company, incorporated on 21 August 2020 by its current parent company, Argonaut Resources NL (ASX:ARE) (Argonaut).

Following a strategic review by Argonaut of its assets, Argonaut decided to demerge its uranium exploration projects via the Offer, which is considered to be a partial, non-standard spin-out. Argonaut shareholder approval for the demerger for the purposes of ASX Listing Rule 11.4 was received on 30 September, 2022.

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