Kinetiko extend South African gas

30 November 2022 10:49

Kinetiko Energy keep the news flowing alongside the gas, with desorption tests at its recently completed Majuba core well returning significant gas content of over 11m3/t and rising.

The top sample from the well has already set a project record despite still desorbing, with wireline logging results also establishing 131.5 metres of sandstone pay zone and six coal seams, with carbonaceous sediments making up the balance below the dolerite sill cap.

Located just 5 kilometres away from the 20-megawatt Majuba power station in South Africa, the Majuba well has been a top priority for Kinetiko since spudding in September, and results once again prove up the project’s unique geology.

On top of these results, the drilling of core hole 260-06c has extended the potential contiguous gassy sandstone geology by 30 kilometres southwards after intersecting strong gassy zones in the targeted sandstone.

The company said these results once again prove the productivity of its unique geology and indicate significant potential for gas field development.

“Following the success of core hole 271-23C near Majuba power station, our first borehole in the block ER270 has kept our 100% strike rate intact,” chief executive Nick de Blocq said.

“The desorption testing on the Majuba samples is now upwards of 11m3 /ton and increasing, a very rewarding result from a strategically placed core hole.”

Kinetiko plans to complete the current coring and logging on 260-06C by mid-December with gas desorption analysis proceeding soon after.

KKO’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed price has risen 9.09 per cent today, currently selling at 12c (10.19 am UTC+ 8 hours).

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