Patriot Lithium primed for the ASX

8 December 2022 10:22

Patriot Lithium have been admitted to the official list of the ASX and will officially begin quotation tomorrow when the clock strikes 12 in Sydney.

Exploration will then ramp up for hard rock lithium in the globally prolific and LCT-rich mining regions of North America.

Patriot Lithium have set up territory in the Black Hills region, a small, isolated mountain range spanning across Wyoming and South Dakota — and home to the largest spodumene crystals on earth.

The Etta Mine at Keystone was at times the main source of global spodumene, and Patriot Lithium have its Keystone project both containing and along strike from historic mines, holding numerous outcropping or underexplored pegmatites.

Also comprising the Black Hills project is wholly owned Tinton West, straddling the two states and home to rich zones of spodumene.

And to the southwest near Arizona’s capital, is Patriot Lithium’s fully owned Wickenburg project, two discrete blocks separated by the claims covering a Lucky Mica project which has reported LCT pegmatite with results up to 7.5 per cent lithium oxide, with a LCT pegmatite rich Picacho district lying beside.

There is currently just the one active lithium mine in the US borders, producing less than two per cent of global lithium while holding around 4 per cent of reserves, and the push is on to claim resources from within its own borders.

“A domestic source has tremendous value. Then we can do things that only China is doing with production,” the emeritus professor of environmental sciences at the University of Nevada Glenn Miller told PBS.

Patriot Lithium raised $10 million under its prospectus, issuing 50 million shares at the issue price of 20 cents and eyes are sure to be fixed on that number when it all goes live on Friday.


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