Dalaroo launch drill program north of Julimar

17 February 2023 10:50

Dalaroo Metals have begun a targeted diamond drilling campaign at the Manning prospect, now underway to test significant nickel-copper-PGE and gold geochemical anomalies at its Namban Project in the rapidly emerging West Yilgarn Province.

It marks the next stage as the company moves on making another discovery in the re-rated Southwest terrain, backed by the West Australian Government.

Greenfields exploration in the region has surged in the wake of the Gonneville/Julimar Ni-Cu-PGE discovery in April 2020 and has continued to return quality intersections of magmatic nickel sulphide, gold and copper surrounding Dalaroo’s territory, yet there has been no drilling at Manning or its surroundings — until now.

And the Exploration Incentive Scheme co-funding programme sponsored by the Western Australian Government, has awarded Dalaroo $175,000 as a contribution towards half of the direct drilling costs at the Manning prospect.

The company said it was excited to begin diamond drilling after defining significant and high caliber Geochem anomalies, coincident with IP anomalies with chargeability values up to 40 mV/V.

“The diamond drilling program underway at Manning is expected to confirm the presence of magmatic intrusion hosted Ni-Cu-PGE+Au and or hydrothermal deposits north of Chalice Mining’s Goneville Ni-Cu-PGE deposit and the recent discovery by Minerals 260 of Au-Cu mineralisation at Angepena, Mynt and Zest prospects located 10km to the south-east,” managing director Harjinder Kehal said.

“The drilling is also expected to provide important information on the stratigraphy, lithologies and alteration assemblages related to the identified geochemical and geophysical anomalism at Manning. Subsequently, expanding the current understanding of controls on magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE+Au and hydrothermal/structural hosted mineralisation in the emerging West Yilgarn Province.”

Drilling is expected to wrap up by mid-March, core samples will then be dispatched for multi-element analysis, with assays expected during the June 2023 quarter as the drill holes are cased and prepared for downhole geophysical surveys.

DAL’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 9c (10.46 am UTC+ 8 hours).

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