Kavango Upgrade KSZ Conductor

3 March 2023 10:12

Kavango Resources have set new priority drill targets at its Kalahari Suture Zone, setting an entire cluster of conductors to high priority following a remodelling of the B1 conductor which upgraded it to a conductance of 28,700 siemens, double its original conductivity.

Kavango believes that B1’s conductivity is due to the presence of pyrrhotite content, which is highly conductive and often associated with the nickel-bearing mineral pentlandite in nickel/copper/platinum group element massive sulphide bodies.

The other two B conductors, B3 and B4, also come within the range of possible massive sulphides, being modelled at 4,100 and 2,760 respectively, and have also been upgraded to priority targets due to their proximity to B1.

The cluster was identified in July of last year and conformed to the Norilsk model that Kavango applied to the Project, based on the Norlisk mine, being one of the world’s largest nickel/copper/platinum group element mines.

The Company said it believes that drilling the B conductors could validate its entire KSZ exploration program.

“I feel that most exploration companies exploring nickel and copper would want a target with a conductance as high as the B1 conductor. These are also critical targets to the entire KSZ Project,” Executive Director and Senior Geophysical Consultant Jeremy S. Brett said.

“Success in drilling these could confirm the presence of not only massive sulphides but also confirm the ore deposit model proposed by Kavango and our senior advisors. This would open up the rest of the KSZ Project for intense exploration using more time domain electromagnetics. The only one remaining step is to drill and find out the cause of these conductors.”

Alongside drilling, the Company is also planning to test historically intersected coaly sediments to determine if they represent a viable sulphur source for the system.

KAV’s London Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 1.10 British Pence (10.12 am UTC+ 8 hours).

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