Infinity Target Tambourah Lithium

15 March 2023 10:51

Infinity Mining is once again ramping up exploration at its Tambourah South Project with a new program designed to identify further lithium-bearing pegmatite and rare earth elements on the back of newly received rock chip samples confirming high-grade lithium mineralisation up to 3.86% Li2O.

Alongside high-grade lithium, assays also returned strongly elevated levels of caesium, tantalum, rubidium and niobium with the highest grades being Cs, 174ppm Nb, 3013.5ppm Rb, 233.7ppm Ta, with the strong anomalous results for these pathfinder elements supporting the fertility of the outcropping surface pegmatite units.

Rock chips have shown that high-grade lithium occurs both within previously uncovered pegmatites and new pegmatites to the project’s northwest, possibly extending the area of lithium-bearing pegmatites targets in the company’s recently completed maiden drilling campaign.

Current plans for Tambourah involve an Ambient Noise Tomography survey (ANT) to both map known pegmatites at depth and identify any concealed pegmatite bodies lying flat as well as map possible host geology and structures, the survey will cover all four of Tambourahs sub-blocks and is expected to begin later this month.

ANT technology is relatively easy to deploy and due to the data being directly transmitted via satellite, it allows for processing in real-time, with models usually constructed within thirty days with the data provided by the survey being used to plan future drilling programs.

Located in the renowned Pilbara region, Tambourah South has quickly risen to become one of Infinity’s most exciting projects with the uncovering of lithium and rubidium bearing pegmatites across the project, with the company recently securing a five-year extension for the project.

The company said that the new exploration program at Tambourah will also include the maiden mapping and rock chip sample on the adjoining E45/5720 licence Infinity acquired in November.

“Infinity’s technical team and I will be back in the East Pilbara initially to build new track access through to the ‘Brisbane Nickel Project’ but also to allow the roll-out of the subterranean imaging programme across the four South Tambourah tenement sub-blocks,” Chief Executive Joe Groot said.

“In conjunction with this, we will be doing maiden ground survey work on the newly acquired South Tambourah E45/5720 which is situated adjacent to E45/4848. This first quarter programme for hidden pegmatite units as well as new surface expressions of pegmatite units will guide the second quarter drilling campaign.”

IMI’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 18c (9:30 am UTC+ 8 hours)

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