Brookside Brings in Wolfpack Revenue

21 March 2023 10:27

Brookside Energy continues to surpass expectations in Oklahoma’s Anadarko Basin with the latest addition to its inventory of high-impact, low-risk wells, Wolfpack, producing over 40,000 barrels of oil equivalent during its first month of early flow-back.

Wolfpack has already generated an estimated 2.5 million dollars US in revenue within the last thirty days, with daily production rates having already exceeded 1500 barrels per day and continuing to rise, the majority of this being oil.

Brookside Energy’s Wolfpack well is the fourth producing well in the SWISH area of interest in Anadarko, and a strong addition to the Company’s portfolio of wells. Its story is similar to that of its sister well, Rangers, which generated an impressive $6.75 million dollars in revenue after just a month and a half of operation.

The success of Brookside Energy’s Wolfpack well has drawn attention to the Company’s first well outside the SWISH AOI, Juanita, which is poised to be another valuable addition to its inventory. Exploration at Juanita has uncovered an impressive 1,119 feet of gross pay across the primary, secondary, and tertiary pre-drill target zones. The Company is currently completing the surface facilities for production testing, which are expected to be finished within the next two to three weeks.

The Company said that oil and gas sales from Wolfpack will continue alongside flow-back operations and will report IP24 (peak rate), IP30 and IP90 rates as these are achieved.

“These are extraordinary early results for our first development well and we are delighted to report these very strong production and sales numbers for the Wolf Pack Well,” Managing Director David Prentice said.

“The productivity of this well further cements our SWISH AOI acreage as world-class and underscores the very significant value that we have now built in the large inventory of low-risk high-return proved undeveloped locations within our acreage position that is available to monetise.”

BRK’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 9.09 per cent today, currently selling at 1.2c (10:22 am UTC+ 8 hours).

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