Solar Botanic Trees Charging the EV Revolution

22 March 2023 08:10

Challenge breeds innovation. The harder the challenge, the bigger the innovation, and the global fight against climate change looks to be one of the greatest challenges the human race face.

With this challenge comes one of the biggest opportunities for innovation, as companies in the ever-growing renewable energy industry look for ways to problem solve.

SBT is one of the most unique investment opportunities in the renewable energy market, providing a cost-effective source of renewable energy at a fixed predictable price, adding to energy supply security while retaining independence.

Rather than a typical photovoltaic solar panel, SBT’s panels are built on top of tall tree-like structures with the solar panels functioning as leaves, providing the energy of a regular panel but in a way that can be placed suitably in commercial and residential locations.

Founder and Executive Chairman Harry Corrigan believes it will be aesthetics and functionality that sets SBT apart from its competitors, with target markets being “areas that consider aesthetics important such as town squares, parks, car parks, wilderness areas, residential, both on the grid and off-grid.”

The trees can be placed everywhere from airport parking lots to private homes, fortifying the grid while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and providing a shady spot for pedestrians to rest.

One of SBT’s biggest opportunities lies in providing chargers for the ever-growing electric vehicle market, with the Company developing a SolarBotanic tree configuration with integrated battery storage/EV charging capabilities. Its local energy storage significantly reduces installation cost while taking pressure off the grid to supply electricity for EVs.


(SBT and Raw Charging Concept Image)

As the UK government plans to reach 300 thousand electric vehicle charging points by 2030, SBT’s EV charging capabilities have already drawn interest from the UK’s leading EV charger supplier RAW Charging, supplying 200 cobranded solar trees as part of its EV charging network across Europe and the UK, with deliveries set to start later this year.

“This is a very exciting partnership, as we couldn’t ask for a more dynamic growth focussed partner in RAW Charging. This launch programme is worth close to £3M, coming less than 6 weeks after we launched the new company,” SBT Chief Executive Chris Shelley said.

“We now have over £25M in our sales pipeline from all over the world since we launched. Our challenge is unlikely to be the market, but more our ability to grow quickly enough to meet a clearly nascent demand.”

Additionally, SBT is already accruing interest from others around the globe.

“We have been approached by a number of companies and organisations from different parts of the world, including the US, Europe and South America,” Harry Corrigan said.

But for SBT, EV charging is only the first step in a massive development plan.

The Company is hard at work innovating its own design, planning to integrate wind power generation in the future through the movement of the SBT’s branches, doubling the energy production rate.

Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, the Company is likely to excel in the renewables sector, putting SBT’s products ahead of traditional photo-voltaic solar panels.

“SBT’s product will combine remote monitoring with AI and machine learning to provide predictive maintenance and service, as well as optimise for different geographic and climatic conditions,” Corrigan said.

SBT is looking to IPO in the next 12 to 18 months.


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