Infinity Prepare to Map Pilbara Pegmatites

27 March 2023 12:02

After months of anticipation, Infinity Mining has deployed the first Fleet Space Exosphere geodes at its Tambourah South Project in Western Australia for an Ambient Noise Tomography survey to map out the project and unearth the extent of LCT-rich pegmatites at the Project, with the aim of identifying areas where structurally controlled Li-REE deposits have been formed.

The ANT survey will build on an extensive geological rock chip and mapping program undertaken last year which uncovered 36 weather pegmatites at the surface with a width of 10 meters and a strike length of up to 558 meters. Samples taken from the surface outcrops showed lithium grades up to 3.86% alongside assays from caesium, niobium and rubidium.

Lightweight ANT geodes have been placed along specific intervals where LCT-rich pegmatites were identified at surface to map down several hundred metres and create a 3D data visualisation of where the pegmatites have grown at depth, providing Infinity with a visualisation of the subsurface structure, basement mineralisation and fault-driven mineralisation.

As well as mapping known pegmatites, the survey will reach a depth that could lead to the discovery of further pegmatites that do not break the surface, being able to identify fractionated subterranean pegmatite systems beyond those currently mapped.

Data from the survey will allow Infinity to define possible lithium-bearing pegmatites and depth alongside potential host rocks and controlling structures, and when combined with the explorers existing data will allow for a more detailed understanding of the Project’s overall geology assisting in optimising drill programs.

Tambourah South, situated in the illustrious Pilbara region, has swiftly emerged as one of Infinity’s most exciting projects, following the discovery of pegmatites containing lithium and rubidium minerals throughout the site. Recently, the Company obtained a five-year extension for the Project.

The Company said that these surveys normally take about a month to complete, with the company able to access the evolving 3D model in real-time while the survey is underway.

“This is a very important survey for Infinity and low-impact minerals exploration. Infinity will be the first junior miner to utilise this imaging technology for Lithium and REE exploration in the Pilbara and we are excited to have commenced deployment of the Australian-developed ExoSphere ANT system in the field,” Chief Executive Joe Groot said.

IMI’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is trading at 18.5c (11.46 am UTC+ 8 hours).

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