Dalaroo Net Lyons’ Third REE Target

4 April 2023 12:13

Dalaroo Metals are set on Heavey Rare Earths at its Lyons River project in Western Australia’s Gascoyne province, with a soil sampling program defining a new rare earth element zone at the View Hill area giving the emerging project its third rare earth target.

The zone was delineated by the uncovering of a strong REE soil anomaly that coincided with a large 2-kilometre strike high thorium anomaly identified in previous radiometric imagine and is in a magnetic low adjacent to a magnetic anomaly which the Company believes to be compatible with similar relationships seen at the Kingfisher and Yangibara Projects also in the Gascoyne.

With this new zone uncovered, the Company is already putting together an extensive exploration program for the Project including the completion of its systematic soil geochemical programs at View Hill and extension soil geochemical programs at the Marloo River prospect, where a REE soil/rock target has been delineated with a peak value of 0.89% TREO.

This will all build towards first-pass drilling programs later this year, with results from the soil geochemical and rock chip sampling at View Hill guiding exploration throughout the rest of the year.

Despite this REE potential being exciting, Dalaroo is also not forgetting about Lyons Lithium’s promise with the Company planning a detailed mapping and rock chip sampling program of the various pegmatite bodies the Project hosts which returned assay values of 215 ppm Lithium.

Sampling will focus heavily on the large 9km by 6km pegmatite zone uncovered at View Hill and will assess geochemical zonation and, therefore, trends in fertility and rare metal/Li prospectivity across the large area.

The Company said it plans on kicking off 2023 field operations later this month.

“We are excited to have delineated a soil geochemical anomaly with good results for the heavy end of the spectrum of the rare earth, on the first-ever sampling program on the eastern side of our Lyons River Project. This was coincident with a two-kilometre strike length Thorium anomaly,” Managing Director Harjinder Kehal said.

“Heavy rare earths are important because they play a key role in emerging technology including electric vehicles, smartphones and solar panels. To have significant levels of TREO in first-ever soil sampling program at View Hill area is a compelling reason to conduct more exploration,”

DAL’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 6c (11.46 am UTC+ 8 hours).


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