FivepHusion Set Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Deflexifol™ Development and Commercialisation

26 May 2023 09:48

In a massive step in its pursuits of setting the new gold standard in chemotherapy, bio-med company FivepHusion has entered into a collaboration with New York-based strategic and financial healthcare advisory firm Tree Hill Partners and leading biopharmaceutical solutions organization Syneos Health to aid in the development of its flagship product Deflexifol™ and assist in bringing this potentially revolutionary drug to the global market.

A Powerful Partnership

This strategic partnership was specifically designed to optimally advance both the development and commercialisation of Deflexifol™, with Treehill Partners bringing its operational, strategic and transactional expertise in healthcare to develop Fivephusion’s integrated business and Syneos Health supporting FivepHusion’s integrated clinical development and commercialisation of Deflexifol™.

“This collaboration represents a new model of integrated services across disciplines, designed to allow US and non-US emerging players to play a key role on the global stage, and we’re proud to work alongside FivepHusion and Syneos Health,” Partner and Co-founder of Treehill Partners Ali Pashazade said.

“By merging the scientific prowess of our clients with the clinical and commercial expertise of Syneos Health and Treehill’s healthcare advisory and execution capabilities, we are providing a unique ecosystem designed to help companies to flourish despite the current challenging market environment.”

Setting the new Standard

With Deflexifol™, FivepHusion is looking to set the new “Gold Standard of Care™” for chemotherapy treatment by solving an issue that has plagued the practice for decades.

Current chemotherapy is based on the co-exposure of 5-FU and LV, two drugs that are required for anti-cancer activity but are chemically incompatible which results in a series of issues concerning patient safety, patient tolerability and effectiveness of treatment.

Deflexifol™ looks to solve this issue by using cyclodextrin (sugar) excipient to produce 5-FU and LV co-formulation that is more compatible, allowing the two drugs to be safely administered to patients together to optimally co-expose the tumour and effectively kill cancer cells.

And early results from this game-changing drug have been extremely positive, with results from a series of early trials indicating both a higher efficacy and tolerability from Deflexifol™ than current 5-FU and LV co-formulations.

Looking Forward

The Company said this collaboration is designed to strategically and optimally progress the development and commercialisation of Deflexifol™ in global markets.

“We are at a crucial stage in our growth strategy. By collaborating with Treehill Partners and Syneos Health, we believe we are positioned to successfully bring our development work on Deflexifol™ to global markets, including in the US, Europe and Asia,” Managing Director and Chief Executive Dr Christian Toouli said.

“This collaboration represents a unique working model to the industry. Through the combined strength and competency of three industry leaders, we intend to maximize our progress on the development of Deflexifol™ and quickly bring innovative oncology medicines to patients in need.”

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