Haranga Identify Extensive Historic Uranium

22 June 2023 13:16
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Haranga Resources continue to close in on the Saraya Project’s uranium in Senegal, with an extensive termite mound sampling program undertaken across the Project’s Diobi Prospect uncovering extensive uranium anomalies up to 17ppm uranium.

Taking Aim

With these results, the termite sampling program has outlined a large 1.8 square kilometre uranium anomaly at the Diobi Prospect, which is at least three times more extensive than the primary uranium anomaly identified at the Saraya Prospect located just 5km to the north where the Company outlined a 4-35 Mlb eU3O8 exploration target.


Figure 1: Uranium results for the termite mound infill sampling over the Saraya NNE block.

What makes the newly uncovered anomaly particularly compelling is that the Prospect anomaly includes a number of high-grade economic historic drilling intercepts both on the periphery and outside of the main anomaly with historic intercepts including 11.1m @ 610 ppm eU3O8 from 190.4m and 7.6m @ 1,002 ppm eU3O8 from 186.9m and 6.4m @ 427 ppm eU3O8 from 220.7m.

The numerous anomalies across the 1.8 square kilometres structural trend have provided Haranga with a number of immediately drill-ready targets, with a limited auger drilling program now underway between Diobi and Saraya Prospects to test for potential uranium extensions.

Going Nuclear

The sampling program which identified the new anomalies is still underway across the Project, with the 200m by 50m sampling program now hitting the Saraya South, Mandankoli and Sanela Prospects, the three other high-priority areas defined by an earlier termite sampling program.

This follow-up infill campaign is being run in conjunction with a larger permit-wide sampling program across the 1,650 square kilometre permit, with the goal of defining further drilling targets.

Alongside these sampling programs, the Company is expected to convert the Saraya Prospect’s exploration target into a maiden JORC-compliant mineral resource in the next four weeks, with recent drilling results up to 3,176 ppm eU3O8 showing the potential for this to come in at the upper end of the 4-35Mlb exploration target.

The Company said that recent success demonstrates the effectiveness of its exploration strategy and reinforces its confidence in the future success of the Saraya Uranium Project.

“With this program in process, not only are we seeing significant anomalies being defined as we explore this permit, but in most instances to date, we are seeing much larger anomalies being defined than the Saraya Prospect which has an exploration target of 4 to 35 Mlb eU3O8 over only 0.2km2,” Chairman Micheal Davy said.

“What remains even more encouraging is that as we define anomalies across the permit and overlay these with some of the regional historical exploration drilling, we have seen on a few occasions such as the Diobi Prospect, that intercepts of economic mineralisation have been noted close to or on the periphery of our defined anomalies.”

HAR’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 12.5c (12:27 pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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