Latin Demonstrate Colina’s Lithium Concentrate Success

10 August 2023 11:27

In another major boon for the emerging lithium operation, Latin Resources (ASX:LRS) has shown its ability to produce high-grade, low-impurity spodumene concentrate from the Colina Deposit’s ore with dense media separation (DMS) testwork producing high-quality spodumene concentrate grading 5.5% Li2O.

Concentrating on Lithium

DMS testwork was performed on a representative sample comprising approximately 137kg of HQ-size core (half-core) samples from a number of drill holes across elected mineralised and unmineralised zones from the Colina Deposit, which was then crushed and prepared by SGS laboratories in Canada into a single sample grading 1.31% Li2O.

Testwork was able to achieve an enviable lithium recovery rate of 93.1 per cent which resulted in the creation of a high-quality concentrate, with the 5.5% Li2O grade of the concentrate representing a considerable upgrade from the bulk samples 1.31% Li2O head grade.

The testwork program was designed to assess the efficiency of using DMS in production for Colina’s and the Company noted the strong success of this initial program has demonstrated the potential to build a simple first-stage DMS circuit which should allow Latin to bring Colina’s concentrate to market faster.

Room To Grow

As this testwork was performed on a smaller, pilot-scale DMS equipment, the Company also moved to perform Heavy Liquid Separation (HLS) using a subsample of the DMS feed to give an indication of how Colina’s Ore would fair in larger-scale DMS process performance.

Results demonstrated a strong correlation between the HLS and DMS testwork which the Company believes gives a reliable representation of commercial DMS performance and indicates that both higher recovery rates and concentrate grades can be achieved with a DMS flowsheet for the Colina Deposit.

Looking Ahead

The Company also noted that data from this testwork program will be used in both the Project definitive feasibility study and its long-awaited preliminary economic assessment set to release later this year, which was previously halted to allow for the inclusion of the Prospect’s latest MRE which delivered a staggering 241 per cent increase to the Deposit’s resource.

The Company said it is now pursuing further metallurgical testwork to provide the best route forward for the Project, with this latest data, reinforcing that a flowsheet utilising DMS will be the most efficient and cost-effective method for treating the Colina Deposit ore.

“These latest metallurgical test results very clearly demonstrate the amenability of the Colina spodumene pegmatite to simple DMS processing, validating assumptions drawn from the initial benchtop scale HLS test work,” Vice President of Operations – Americas, Tony Greenaway said.

“A much larger DMS and other test work program will be undertaken in Q4 of this year utilising more than 2,000kg of spodumene pegmatite samples from Colina. The aim of this work is to build on these initial very encouraging results and fine-tune the processing flowsheet for the Colina DFS.”

LRS’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 2.77 per cent today, currently selling at 37c (11:09 am UTC+ 8 hours).

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