Group 6 Metals Exploration Yields Promising Results at Investigator 22 and Investigator 24

14 August 2023 12:14

Group 6 Metals Limited (ASX: G6M) has announced the successful completion of its initial exploration drilling program at the Investigator 22 and Investigator 24 Prospects, revealing the presence of skarn-hosted scheelite mineralisation in all three drill holes.

High-Grade Scheelite Mineralisation Identified

Located within the Dolphin Tungsten Mine area on King Island, Tasmania, the drilling program identified a mine sequence containing skarn-hosted scheelite mineralisation in all three holes, with significant intersections including KI 111 with 1.2m @ 2.8% WO3 from 2.8m in the oxidised zone and KI 113 with 1.0m @ 0.6% WO3 from 141.5m in garnet skarn.

Geological Significance

Drill holes KI 111 and KI 112 are the first holes in the Investigator 24 area for almost 50 years and the first to intersect the full mine sequence including B and C lens with associated calc-silicate skarn mineralisation similar to the Bold Head and Dolphin Mines.


Figure 1: KI 111, KI 112 and KI 113 at Investigator 24 to Investigator 22

Targeting the western margin of the Grassy Granite, the drilling program aimed to test the Lower Grassy Group formation, with the Project receiving support from the Tasmanian Government’s Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative (EDGI), highlighting the collaborative efforts to foster mineral exploration and development in the region.

Future Outlook

The completion of the initial exploration drilling program underscores Group 6 Metals’ strategic focus on maximising the potential of its exploration lease area, which spans approximately 63 square kilometres.

The Company aims to extend the Project’s lifespan beyond its current 14 years, aligning with evolving market demands and technological advancements. Group 6 Metals recently achieved a milestone by making its first Tungsten shipment in July and plans to gradually increase exploration efforts after achieving steady state production.

Keith McKnight, the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Group 6 Metals, expressed enthusiasm about the exploration results, highlighting the Company’s commitment to expanding exploration opportunities and leveraging the high-grade mineralisation potential of the Grassy region.

“While work is continuing on the ramp up of tungsten production at the Dolphin Tungsten Mine, the Company is keen to continue developing regional exploration opportunities surrounding the mine, building on the high-grade mineralisation intersects encountered from previous exploration drilling carried out at Investigator 21 in 2018,” McKnight said.

“All three exploration holes have successfully intersected skarn mineralisation in the mine series validating the exploration potential of the Grassy region. The presence of scheelite mineralisation associated with the skarn indicates the right geological processes for significant mineralisation in the district. The Company is excited by the results from step out exploration in this region and systematic drilling is planned to allow more targeted exploration on structural targets.”

G6M’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 12 cents (11:50am UTC+ 8 hours).

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