Raiden Resources Discovers 30m Wide Outcropping Pegmatites at ‘Andover South’ Project

23 August 2023 15:00

Raiden Resources Limited (ASX: RDN) has announced promising progress in its ongoing exploration endeavours at the Andover South Project (E47/4061 & E47/4062), revealing substantial findings from its mapping and rock sampling program, including outcropping pegmatites with widths of up to 30 metres.


Figure 1: Andover South Project with mapped & interpreted pegmatites with previously reported rock chip sampling samples

Substantial Pegmatite System Potential

The Project’s focus has been on tenement E47/4062, where multiple swarms of pegmatites have been mapped, forming part of a ~3.5-kilometre long, 600-metre wide pegmatite field (see Figure 1). This extensive pegmatite network has already demonstrated widths of up to 30 meters at surface, hinting at the system’s potential scale and scope.


Figure 2: Andover South Project – Outcropping Pegmatite within E47/4062

The Company’s geologists have also highlighted extensions to the mapped pegmatites, inferred from distinct vegetation anomalies that align with the direction of outcropping pegmatites. This inference presents the possibility of further pegmatite bodies awaiting discovery beyond the currently mapped area.

Geological Context and Implications

Formerly Roebourne South, the Project has been reclassified Andover South due to its proximity to Azure Minerals’ distinct Andover Project northward.

Pegmatites in the Andover South Project occur in mafic or ultramafic rocks of the Andover Complex, with the nearby Black Hills Monzogranite potentially supplying mineralising fluids for pegmatite formation.

This granite surrounds Azure Minerals Andover Lithium Project, where recent drilling uncovered noteworthy lithium-bearing intercepts up to 209.4 metres with 1.42% Li2O.

Prospects and Next Steps

The Company’s mapping and sampling program is a strategic follow-up to their prior announcement of high-grade, lithium-bearing pegmatites at the Andover South Project, with the primary objectives of this ongoing exploration initiative being to delineate the potential size and extent of the pegmatite field within the Project area.

While the current focus has been on tenement E47/4062, the teams are poised to extend their efforts to tenement E47/4061, with the prospective geology of the latter tenement suggesting the possibility of additional pegmatite outcroppings, warranting further investigation.


Figure 3: Andover South Project – Outcropping Pegmatite within E47/4062

Raiden Resources has contracted ALS Perth to assay the rock samples collected from the outcropping pegmatites, with the Company committed to releasing the assay results to the public as soon as they become available.

Raiden’s Managing Director Dusko Ljubojevic commented the initial investigations on the Andover South projects are starting to yield positive results.

“The widths of the pegmatites defined to date, of up to 30 metres in outcrop, are providing encouragement that the pegmatite system may be of significant size,” he said.

“Furthermore, multiple swarms of pegmatites are being noted throughout the license area with further areas to be mapped and sampled. Our teams are now mapping and sampling the remaining tenements of the Andover South and Andover North project area and we hope to provide results to the market in the near term.”

RDN’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 66.67% and is currently trading at 2c (2:45pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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