Brightstar’s Cork Tree Well Drilling Yields High-Grade Gold Results

24 August 2023 13:56

Brightstar Resources Limited (ASX: BTR) has unveiled significant high-grade gold intercepts from its recent RC drilling at Cork Tree Well (CTW) in Western Australia’s Laverton Gold Belt, notably in hole BTRRC224 with 1m at 109.6g/t Au from 167m and 3m at 8.7g/t Au from 197m.

These results highlighting the site’s development potential.


Figure 1: Menzies and Laverton Gold Projects

Promising High-Grade Hits

The drilling program, encompassing nine holes and spanning over 2,000 metres, revealed significant extensional and infill findings, including a number of high-grade hits.

The focal point of the drilling initiative was twofold: firstly, infill drilling at the Delta zone within CTW’s mineral resource to garner a deeper comprehension of the structures governing higher-grade mineralisation, and secondly to assess the viability of extracting mineralisation using underground mining methods by targeting a high-grade plunging shoot within the main CTW ore body.

Several standout high-grade results emerged from the drilling campaign, underlining the substantial mineral potential of the area:

Delta Prospect: The Delta region, situated to the north of Cork Tree Well, exhibited particularly promising mineralisation. Notable intercepts included 1 metre at 109.6 grams per tonne (g/t) of gold from 167 metres, and 3 metres at 8.7 g/t of gold from 197 metres (BTRRC224), showcasing the potential for rich gold deposits in this area.

Delta’s High-Grade Zone: In addition, an 18-metre intercept at 2.75 g/t of gold from 83 metres (BTRRC225) within the Delta zone accentuated its high-grade characteristics, emphasising its significance as a target for potential future mining operations.

Main CTW Ore Body: The main CTW ore body also yielded encouraging results, with noteworthy intercepts such as 9 metres at 3.05 g/t of gold from 203 metres (BTRRC229) and 13 metres at 1.24 g/t of gold from 156 metres (BTRRC232), with these findings underscoring the potential for further mineralisation growth at depth.

Upcoming Exploration Endeavors

To capitalise on the promising results from this drilling program, Brightstar is gearing up for a comprehensive exploration campaign, with the company having scheduled a ~4,500-metre aircore drilling initiative at Cork Tree Well, set to commence in September.

This campaign will primarily target the untested and highly prospective northern extensions of the deposit, with over 3 kilometres of unexplored strike length. The results from this aircore campaign will guide future RC drilling and resource expansion efforts.


Figure 2: Plan View with RC collar locations and section lines

Scoping Study and Project Advancement

In addition to the Cork Tree Well developments, Brightstar is inching closer to completing the Scoping Study for its Menzies and Laverton Gold Projects, with this study marking a crucial step in evaluating the economic viability of these projects.

Concurrently, planning is underway for further RC and diamond drilling at Menzies and Laverton later this year, with efforts aligning with the Company’s strategic goals of enhancing the mineral resource base, upgrading early-stage mining areas, and progressing towards near-term production opportunities.

Brightstar’s Managing Director Alex Rovira commented the Company is pleased to receive the final assays from the Laverton Gold Project.

“The Cork Tree Well program had two defined objectives – the first being infill drilling at the Delta zone within the CTW mineral resource to provide better understanding on the structures controlling the higher-grade mineralisation, and the second to test the higher grade plunging shoot within the CTW main system as a follow up to drilling earlier in the year, which indicated mineralisation that has the potential for possible extraction using underground mining methods,” he said.

“At Delta, the three-hole program saw the holes drilled on different orientations to the historic drilling that has previously tested the broadly North-South striking system at CTW. Encouragingly, the results indicate that the structures containing the mineralisation are different to the main CTW zone and see both a lithological and orientation change, which may be due to the confluence of multiple structures hosting the gold mineralisation. This requires further follow up and significantly increases the potential for definition of further mineralisation at Delta and to the north, which is open for a further 3km. Brightstar has booked aircore drilling contractors to mobilise in early September for a ~4,500m campaign, which is intended to define targets for follow up RC drilling.”

BTR’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed is currently trading at $0.012 (12.30pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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