Forrestania Recommence Field Work at the Hydra Lithium Project in Quebec, Canada

24 August 2023 14:35

Forrestania Resources Limited (ASX:FRS) has excitedly announced the resumption of exploration activities at its Hydra Lithium Project in the James Bay Region of Quebec, Canada, following delays caused by forest fires and related restrictions.


Figure 1: Hydra Lithium Project showing proximity to major lithium projects

Resuming Exploration Activities

The exploration fieldwork at the Hydra Lithium Project was initially launched in May this year with the aim of exploring LCT pegmatites. However, the program had to be suspended in June due to access restrictions imposed by the Quebec Government in response to forest fires in the region. These restrictions created logistical challenges, which were skillfully managed by Joint Venture partner ALX Resources Corp.

Now, with the forest fire situation under control and the eastern area of the Hydra Project unaffected, exploration activities have resumed.

The focus of the current phase of fieldwork is on the Python East and Python West sub-projects, both of which are situated in the non-affected region, with this strategic decision allowing the exploration team to make progress while ensuring safety.


Figure 2: Python East and Python West sub-projects showing underlying greenstone

A Comprehensive Approach

Forrestania Resources holds a 50% stake in the Hydra Lithium Project through its partnership with ALX Resources Corp, with the Project encompassing a vast land area of 29,263 hectares, divided into eight sub-projects.

The Hydra Lithium Project stands out not only due to its significant landholding but its innovative methods to target generation.

Forrestania and ALX Resources Corp. are utilising KorrAI, a proprietary artificial intelligence process that combines AI-based mapping with mineral spectroscopy to identify pegmatite target points, with this approach considering factors such as shape, profile, and spectral signature of mapping features, contributing to a more nuanced and precise exploration strategy.

Furthermore, the Project’s location within a world-class lithium exploration district adds to its appeal. The proximity to existing projects like Corvette, James Bay Lithium, Rose, and Whabouchi emphasises the strategic significance of Hydra within the larger context of lithium exploration and production.


Figure 3: James Bay explorers – chart of project areas (km2

Future Outlook

The ongoing fieldwork at the Python East and Python West sub-projects is anticipated to continue until early September 2023, with the successful resumption of activities in these regions setting a positive tone for the Project’s future.

Pending a further easing of access restrictions, the joint venture partners have expressed optimism about resuming work in other sub-projects located near the town of Radisson.

Forrestania Resources Managing Director Michael Anderson said the Company is pleased to be getting back on the ground following the delays.

“We are grateful to our Joint Venture partner ALX for managing the various logistical challenges created by the delays and now look forward to testing the potential of the Hydra Project, which comprises one of the larger landholdings in this highly prospective jurisdiction,” he said.

As the Project evolves, Forrestania Resources and ALX Resources Corp. will provide updates on the progress and outcomes of their exploration efforts.

FRS’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 6.2c (1:30 pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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