Patriot Lithium Launches Phase 3 at Gorman Project Following 3.71% Li2O High-Grade Samples

29 August 2023 13:25

Patriot Lithium Limited (ASX:PAT) has initiated its Phase 3 follow-up geochemistry program at the Gorman Project in Ontario, Canada, aiming to fully uncover the extent of its lithium-caesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatite deposits, building on the success of previous high-grade rock samples reaching 3.71% lithium oxide (Li2O) and generating substantial anticipation for the Project’s prospects.


Figure 1: Gorman Project pegmatite trend with red stars representing 6 individual pegmatite zones. Also shown are reported LCT pegmatites (yellow dots) by Frontier Lithium and Midex Resources that are along strike from the newly identified Gorman pegmatites.

Extending the Known and Unearthing the New

Phase 3 comes on the heels of Patriot’s successful Phase 2 program, which saw the delineation of significant outcropping LCT pegmatites spanning a substantial and open-ended 5.2km trend across their G0, G1, G2, and G3 spodumene pegmatite outcrops.


Figure 2: Figure showing Gorman G0-G3 pegmatite outcrops with photos from G1, G2 and G3.

This new phase, focused on geochemistry and geological mapping, is projected to span approximately three weeks and will delve into soil, rock chip, and sawn channel sampling.

The primary goal of this phase is to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the mineralised zones beyond the visible outcrop exposures. By analysing soil samples, the Company aims to outline the potential geometry and spatial distribution of these mineralised areas, potentially pinpointing promising locations for future drilling.

Additionally, the Phase 3 program aims to enhance geological mapping and rock sampling in previously unexplored areas within the Project site.


Figure 3: G0 LCT Pegmatite Outcrop with Patriot’s Ontario Exploration Manager for reference.

Strong Historical Results

Patriot’s enthusiasm is not unfounded. The Company’s maiden program generated promising results, with 37 out of 102 rock chip samples assaying at over 1.0% Li2O, 18 samples exceeding 2.0% Li2O, and 9 samples returning over 3.0% Li2O.

Notable rock chip results from this program include sample E516917 with 3.71% Li2O, sample E516809 with 3.54% Li2O, and sample D721066 with 3.49% Li2O.

Strategic Location and Exploration Potential

The Gorman Project sits at the heart of an emerging lithium region, known as “Electric Avenue,” within Ontario. This burgeoning area has caught the attention of industry insiders due to its proximity to major lithium developments.

Situated a mere 68km to the northwest of Frontier Lithium’s PAK-Spark lithium development project, Gorman’s mineralised LCT pegmatites are positioned advantageously.


Figure 4: G2 target spodumene-bearing pegmatite, looking east

The neighbouring PAK-Spark Project has already demonstrated its lithium potential with intercepts of 398 metres at 1.88% Li2O, including an impressive 23 metres at 3.12% Li2O.

Looking Ahead

The successful completion of Phase 3 is anticipated in September, following which the results will be analysed and made public.

Given its recent identification in the latter stages of the Phase 2 program and its limited sampling, conducting additional rock chip sampling on the Chocolate Milk pegmatite trend, situated approximately 5km north of the main trend, also holds significant importance within the ongoing program.

With the knowledge gained from this phase, Patriot is poised to take its exploration efforts to the next level by submitting drilling permit applications and commencing its maiden drill program at Gorman in the second quarter of 2024.

Nicholas Vickery, CEO and MD of Patriot Lithium, expressed his enthusiasm about the Gorman Project’s prospects. He underscored the significance of the ongoing program in extending high-grade zones, identifying new areas of mineralisation, and providing critical information for the upcoming maiden drill program.

“The team has been eager to get back on the ground at Gorman following the outstanding results from our maiden reconnaissance and sampling program. We have defined a large, open-ended 5.2km trend through our G0, G1, G2, and G3 spodumene pegmatite outcrops. At each of these pegmatite outcrops we collected high-grade rock chips up to 3.71% lithium oxide. Importantly, this trend, and each of the pegmatite outcrops within it, are currently open in all directions,” Mr Vickery said.

“To continue the strong momentum established at Gorman, this follow-up program has been designed to extend current high-grade zones, identify new zones of mineralisation and complete further mapping across other key targets within our extensive land package.”

“Gorman is shaping up as an exciting exploration project with significant potential. It is located in an emerging lithium region, along trend from Frontier Lithium’s PAK-Spark lithium development project in Ontario’s ‘Electric Avenue’, which is one of the largest and highest-grade hard rock lithium deposits in North America.”

PAT’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 5.88% today and is currently trading at 18c today (1:30 pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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