Moab Minerals Initiates Substantive Soil Geochemistry Program at Woodlands

25 September 2023 10:42

Moab Minerals Limited (ASX: MOM) is excited to announce the commencement of a significant soil geochemistry program at its Woodlands Project in Western Australia, targeting gold and base metals, while simultaneously deciding not to pursue further exploration at the Mt Amy site following a comprehensive evaluation of the 2022 exploration results.


Figure 1: Location map and geology of the Woodlands Project

Woodlands Project: Uncovering Gold and Base Metals

The Woodlands Project is a central focus in Moab Minerals’ exploration portfolio, located in the Jillawarra Belt known for its diverse geological features and potential mineralisation targets, owing to clastic and carbonate sedimentary rocks formed during a basin development phase.

One primary focus of this Project is the variscite-gold prospect in the southern part of the tenement, historically explored by WMC. Although Moab lacks WMC’s gold results, available arsenic data indicates significant trends extending east and west from the variscite prospect into Moab’s tenement, leading to a planned comprehensive soil sampling program sensitive to both gold and base metals.


Figure 2: Exploration target areas

Additionally, Moab’s soil survey includes “Anomaly 27,” where Geopeko previously drilled a quartz vein with assays of 3.08 g/t Au and 22 g/t Ag. This will aid in systematically understanding gold distribution in soils, aiding in the planning of a comprehensive drill program.

In the northern part of the tenement, gossanous ironstones with anomalous silver, copper, and zinc values have been identified. This prospect, never drill-tested despite promising geochemical data, will undergo ground geophysical surveys to identify specific sulphide conductors within the bedrock, aligning with Moab’s commitment to advanced exploration techniques for unlocking its tenements’ potential.

Conclusion of Exploration at Mt Amy

Moab Minerals has also provided an update on its exploration at the Mt Amy Project, deciding not to pursue any further exploration following the analysis of results from the 2022 exploration campaign.

A field evaluation of a gold anomaly, detected through a soil survey conducted in December 2022 and reported in January 2023, revealed no evidence of mineralisation or alteration in outcrop.

Instead, the anomaly was attributed to alluvial enrichment by the drainage system and it was determined that no further work was warranted at the location.

Moab Minerals Managing Director Malcolm Day commented the updates provided to market today.

“The soil program at Woodlands is substantive and will target gold associated with variscite in the south of the tenement,” he said.

“Stratiform base metals targets in the north of the tenement will be evaluated by ground geophysical programs.”

“Exploration work at Mt Amy has been completed and results have led to a decision to relinquish that property.”

MOM’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently selling at 1.1c (11:45 am UTC+ 8 hours).

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