Haranga Resources Discover New Uranium Anomalies at Sanela

6 October 2023 11:49
Haranga Resources Discover New Uranium Anomalies at Sanela

Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR) has reported significant uranium anomalies, reaching up to 17 ppm, within the Sanela Prospect area in its Saraya Uranium permit in Senegal, providing a timely boost ahead of the forthcoming drilling campaign and following the recent release of its maiden Mineral Resource Estimate for the same prospect.

The Sanela Prospect


Figure 1: Location of the +13ppm Uranium anomalies (1000m x 100m) showing the location of the Sanela anomaly.

Haranga Resources secured a significant stake in the 1,650 square-kilometre Saraya Uranium Deposit in Senegal through a joint venture with Mandinga Resources SARL.

In 2022, the Company assumed control of exploration activities at the prospect and embarked on a drilling program to validate the geological model and seek extensions to the known uranium mineralisation.

Pre-existing records obtained by Haranga demonstrated eight holes were historically drilled at Sanela, but little information is available regarding the results from these holes.


Figure 2: Interpretation of termite mound infill sampling results for the Sanela Block

The objective of the drilling campaign was to enhance the delineation of the area, comprising a total of 22 diamond drill holes and covering 3,021 metres of drilling.

In a significant announcement made in September of this year, Haranga revealed the results of this campaign, unveiling its inaugural Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate for the Saraya uranium Prospect, which included a remarkable 16 million pounds of contained eU3O8 at an average grade of 587 ppm.

In conjunction with the drilling effort, the Company also conducted a program involving 2,480 samples, spanning 25 square kilometres, strategically designed to investigate a uranium airborne spectrometry anomaly initially identified by Cogema in the 1970s.

Among the samples subjected to analysis, a notable 87 percent yielded positive results, with 31 percent falling into the category of anomalies. Further scrutiny revealed that 2.8 percent of these anomalies were particularly significant when compared to the background data.

New Significant Uranium Anomalies

These anomalies span a distance of over two kilometres along a NNE structural trend, with the findings stemming from Haranga Resources’ comprehensive termite mound sampling program, conducted across a vast grid measuring 1000 metres by 100 metres, which unearthed numerous extensive surface anomalies, including one reaching as high as 17 ppm.

Approximately 70 percent of the ongoing infill sampling, covering dimensions of 200 metres by 50 metres, has already been executed in two of the four priority areas highlighted, with the remaining work slated for completion by year-end.

Haranga Resources’ Managing Director, Peter Batten, emphasised the significance of these results, particularly given their proximity to the recent release of the Company’s inaugural Mineral Resource Estimate at the Saraya Prospect.

“The Saraya Mineral Resource Estimate at 16Mlbs Inferred and at a grade of 587ppm eU3O8 is a significant result, in itself, but is only the first of, at least, seven anomalies we will be testing within the Saraya Project and whilst the Saraya Prospect is the better defined anomaly, with over 65,000m of drilling, it is also the smallest of the seven anomalies identified, so far,” he said.

“The determination of the second prospect to drill will come down to the higher confidence we have in the orientation and structure of the anomalies. The successful completion of the Sanela sampling now allows the Haranga geological team to include Sanela, along with Diobi and Mandankoli, in the next phase of drilling planned for this quarter.”

“What information we have seen from the regional historical exploration drilling show intercepts of economic mineralisation close to or on the periphery of our defined anomalies.”

“The progress we have made so far underscores the effectiveness of our exploration strategy and reinforces our confidence in the future success of the Saraya Uranium Project.”

HAR’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 5.174% and is currently trading at $0.185 (11.45am UTC+ 8 hours).

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