Dundas Minerals Identify New AEM Anomalies At Northeast Prospect

16 October 2023 13:20

Dundas Minerals (ASX:DUN) has enlisted Sensore Ltd (ASX: S3N) to employ their proprietary 2.5D model inversion technology for re-inverting and modeling the SkyTEM airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey data in the northeastern part of the Dundas Project area, located in Western Australia.

The outcomes were promising, as they revealed two new conductors, prompting Dundas to initiate an initial soil sampling program to further investigate these anomalies.


Figure 1: 2.5D AEM inversion image (depth slice at 237 metres) with the conductive exploration targets indicated, background image is regional magnetic intensity data.

2.5D Model Inversion Technology

Sensore’s objective was to uncover potential nickel and copper exploration prospects that were previously less clear to Dundas and were considered lower-priority targets.

The Company is now in the process of developing exploration plans and is in the final stages of preparing for an initial soil sampling program scheduled for early November.

In the event that the soil sample assays, which are typically returned within three to four weeks after submission, reveal elevated levels of the targeted metals, Dundas intends to proceed with additional exploration drilling.

With an extensive geochemical database encompassing the Dundas Project area, which has been gradually compiled through the northeast soils program in 2021 and 2022, programs conducted at the Central exploration target in 2022, and the most recent northwest soil sampling program, Dundas Minerals is well-equipped to compare the outcomes of the upcoming sampling program to the existing baseline data.

This approach will support the validation of any geochemical anomalies identified during the process.

The drilling conducted earlier this year at the Central site confirmed that the strong conductive anomaly was attributed to a combination of graphite and barren sulphides, primarily pyrite. However, the absence of a surface geochemical anomaly underscores the significance of first performing a geochemical analysis of soil samples at these new conductive targets before contemplating drilling.

Exploration Endeavours

Dundas Minerals kicked off exploration at its Baden-Powell, Scotia and Windanya tenements at the start of the year, completing its sixth diamond drill hole at the Central exploration target, and firing up RC drilling at Matilda South, releasing noteworthy assay outcomes for rare earth elements (REEs) in June, as it continues to make moves on making nickel, copper and gold discoveries in the highly prospective southern Albany-Fraser Orogen of Western Australia.

Their most recent 1600-sample program marks the initial phase of exploration at the recently acquired Baden-Powell, Scotia, and Windanya gold project, with assay results still pending.

Additionally, the Company revealed in September that it had sold four exploration licenses to West Cobar Metals (ASX: WC1), which resulted in the acquisition of five million fully paid West Cobar shares and a cash payment of $20,000. Importantly, Dundas Minerals retained the rights to their key focus metals, including nickel, gold, and copper rights on the three northern tenements.

Dundas Comments on the Anomalies

Dundas Minerals’ Managing Director Shane Volk commented on the new anomalies.

“We’re extremely pleased with the results from the work that Sensor has completed across the northeast portion of our Dundas Project,” he said.

“Its 2.5D AEM inversion technology has provided us with a clearer view and interpretation of our SkyTEM AEM data. The anomalies that Sensor has defined represent exciting new exploration targets, in an area that has not been subject to any prior on-ground exploration.”

“The anomalies, in the very northeast corner of the area that was reviewed, are proximal to a major northeast – southwest fault, coincide with a magnetic anomaly and a distinct localised topographic high, and are also coincident with a subtle yet discernible vegetation anomaly.”

DUN’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at $0.057 today (1.05pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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