Pinnacle Minerals’ Field Team Mobilises to Adina East Lithium Project

19 October 2023 10:00

Pinnacle Minerals (ASX:PIM) has announced the field team from geological consultants IOS, based in Quebec, have mobilised to Mirage Outfitters in preparation for the maiden exploration program at the Adina East Project in James Bay Quebec.


Figure 3: James Bay Province Highlighting Adina East Project Location

The Adina East Project

The Company recently announced its strategic acquisition, partnering with Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd to secure a 75 percent interest in the Adina East Lithium Project, situated in Quebec’s James Bay lithium district.

This agreement marked a crucial step forward in Pinnacle’s lithium exploration, with vast growth opportunities in this promising region.

The Adina East Project encompasses 147 claims covering 72.7 square kilometres and is adjacent to an interpreted extension of the Trieste greenstone belt, and prolific lithium projects.

The Project is a mere 24 kilometres from Winsome Resources’ Adina Project, and in close proximity to the Loyal Lithium Trieste Project and Winsome Resources’ Tilly Project.


Figure 2: Adina East Claims Highlighting Bedrock Geology and Location Relative to other Key Projects

Fieldwork Analysis

The Company anticipates fieldwork at the Project will commence before the end of October, with Géoscientifiques mobilising to Mirage Outfitters in James Bay, in preparation for the exploration program.

The aim of the fieldwork program is to identify potential LCT pegmatites and spodumene mineralisation by following up on historically mapped pegmatite outcrops and a number of lithium targets generated through detailed satellite and radar imagery analysis.

The satellite and radar analysis completed has identified multiple areas of interest with 60 discrete targets for follow- up field investigation.

Pinnacle has outlined of particular interest from the radar imagery analysis are two clusters of targets, the primary being in the central southern part of the claim area which is on trend from the mapped pegmatites in Winsome Resources Tilly Project. The secondary target is on the eastern flank of the Project area.

The Company plans to complete follow-up mapping and rock chipping during the proposed field trip in October this year, garnering a better understanding of the target areas.

News flow from the fieldwork is expected to be available in November with any assays reliant on lab availability in the final quarter of this year.

Pinnacle Minerals Managing Director Nic Matich commented on the progress at the Project.

“Pinnacle has secured the services of respected Geological Consulting Group IOS Services Géoscientifiques to conduct first pass exploration (prospecting) at the recently acquired Adina East Lithium Project,” he said.

“Having the crew mobilised on site one day after announcing the acquisition highlights the Company’s intent to maximise shareholder value through prompt and targeted exploration.”

PIM’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 14.285% and is currently selling at $0.160 (9.50am UTC+ 8 hours).

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