Dundas Minerals Report ‘Exceptional’ High Grade Gold

2 November 2023 09:04

Dundas Minerals Limited (ASX:DUN) advances in its newly acquired Kalgoorlie gold projects, unveiling remarkable high-grade gold soil anomalies in Windanya while preparing for its upcoming drilling program.


Figure 1: Auger soil sample gold assay results within the Windanya tenements (values >200ppm noted). The Aquarius and Scorpio locations are highlighted, and historical drilling is marked.

‘Exceptional Results’

These encouraging gold findings follow last week’s multi-element assay results derived from the initial auger soil sampling program conducted in September at the Baden-Powell Gold Project.

Results from the Olympia prospect were promising, revealing a substantial 1.2-kilometre-long and 600-metre-wide gold anomaly. This anomaly was detected through three lines of auger sampling, each spaced 600 metres apart, featuring peak gold values of 128ppb and 113ppb.

The Windanya Project, located approximately 12 kilometres south of Baden-Powell, involved the analysis of 756 soil samples. Peak gold assay results from the samples included 696ppb, 530ppb, 493ppb, 483ppb, and 478ppb (ranging from 0.7gpt to 0.48gpt).

Dundas reports that the majority of the noteworthy gold values were 100ppb or higher, with clusters of these values identified in two distinct areas: the Aquarius anomaly and the Scorpio prospect.

The Aquarius Anomoly

The Windanya auger program by the Company comprised seven sampling lines, each spaced 100 metres apart, with sample collection points 40 metres apart. At the Aquarius prospect, the primary objective of sampling was to investigate the anomaly situated within the Big Tree Basalt, initially recognised by Horizon Minerals (ASX: HRZ) in 2016.

The peak gold values reported from the multi-element assay of samples at Aquarius were notably high, with values of 696ppb (equivalent to 0.7gpt), 493ppb, 483ppb, and 478ppb.

Based on these promising outcomes, Dundas considers Aquarius to be an enticing and largely unexplored gold exploration target, especially in the areas exhibiting the highest levels of anomalism.


Figure 2: Aquarius gold anomaly with the north-south oriented anomalous gold value trends illustrated. The numerical values of all gold assays > 75ppb are shown.

The Scorpio Anomolies

Dundas pinpointed the most promising anomalies in their sampling program along the western margin where the Mount Pleasant Gabbro, Big Dick Basalt, and Mount Ellis Gabbro meet.

In the case of the Scorpio anomaly, 24 auger samples were collected along three lines spaced 100 metres apart, with sampling points every 40 metres. Impressively, Dundas reports that 14 out of the 24 samples, accounting for 58%, yielded gold values through assay of 100ppb or greater, with the highest recorded values reaching as high as 530ppb or 0.53gpt.

The sampling program conducted by the Company suggests that the anomaly covers an estimated area of eight hectares. Notably, prior drilling efforts by Horizon were situated about 300 metres to the northwest of the gold anomaly identified by Dundas, presenting an intriguing, promising, and yet partially unexplored gold exploration opportunity.

The Gemini Prospect

Dundas’ sampling program indicates that the anomaly spans approximately eight hectares. It’s worth mentioning that Horizon’s previous drilling activities were located roughly 300 metres northwest of the gold anomaly identified by Dundas, making it a promising, and still partially unexplored gold exploration prospect.

Future Outlook

Following these findings, Dundas is in the process of formulating an initial drilling program for Windanya, which will be submitted for the necessary approvals upon completion.

The Company will notify shareholders of the expected commencement date once approvals are secured.

DUN’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 3.508% and is currently trading at $0.059 today (9:00 am UTC+ 8 hours).

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