Mont Royal Unveils High-Grade Li2O Results Highlighting 500m Lithium Target at Bohier

2 November 2023 13:32
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Mont Royal Resources Limited (ASX: MRZ) has reported promising developments from its Phase Two lithium exploration at the Bohier Project in Quebec, with trenching, channel sampling, and geophysics expanding the Project’s footprint and unveiling high-grade results.


Figure 1: Gravimetric survey results showing the 500m target zone and the three known pegmatites Source: IOS Geoscientique

Expanding the Footprint

The Phase Two exploration program at Bohier has significantly expanded the footprint of the lithium project.

Ground geophysics carried out at Bohier extended the lithium target by an impressive 500 metres to the southwest, connecting an additional spodumene-bearing pegmatite to the existing discoveries.

One of the highlights of this phase is the promising high-grade results from the trenching and channel sampling program, which include the following notable results:

  • 6.05 metres at 1.78% Li2O
  • 7 metres at 1.71% Li2O
  • 1 metre at 1.97% Li2O

These results demonstrate the significant lithium potential within the Project area, contributing to the growing excitement surrounding Bohier’s prospects.

Today’s announcement comes on the back of Mont Royal Resources and Azimut Exploration (TSXV: AZM) recently expanding their exploration program at the Wapatik Project, which revealed detailed analysis highlighting approximately 30 distinct targets linked to exposed pegmatites, in addition to eight well-established areas with strong potential for lithium exploration.

Enhanced Gravimetry and Geophysics

The Phase Two program incorporated a comprehensive gravimetry survey focused on the western end of the greenstone units, from the property’s west end to the northeast of the pegmatite outcrops.

This survey, complemented by LiDAR data, revealed a series of gravimetric lows, with one of them extending 500 metres to the west, in direct alignment with the known pegmatite exposure.

These low gravity anomalies are indicative of the presence of spodumene pegmatite, adding to the growing body of evidence supporting the lithium potential at Bohier.


Figure 2: Channel T3R1 Source: IOS Geoscientifique

Channel Sampling and Pegmatite Exposure

Trenching and channel sampling exposed the known pegmatite, with a total width of 11 metres.

While the edges of the pegmatite, especially the southern one, were steeply dipping and contact with the host greenstone could not be reached, channel samples from the exposed pegmatite yielded encouraging grades of more than 1.7% Li2O over more than 6 metres, highlighing the high-grade nature of the lithium mineralisation at Bohier.

What’s Next

While the Phase Two results are impressive, the exploration journey at Bohier is far from over.

There are still 18 samples outstanding in the Actlabs laboratory facility in Val-d’Or, Quebec, with results pending. Additionally, preparations for a lithium drilling program are already underway for the upcoming 2023/24 winter drilling season, aiming to test advanced targets at Bohier.

Mont Royal Executive Director, Peter Ruse, expressed his optimism regarding the Project’s future, saying, “Mont Royal is pleased to report encouraging results gained from the Phase Two of our lithium exploration at the Bohier Lithium Project. Our Technical team has now confirmed that an advanced 500m target has been outlined by the two known spodumene pegmatite outcrops and a third spodumene bearing outcrop located to the South West.”

“This trend sits on a dyke system that identified a series of low gravity anomalies, one of which is in direct continuity of the known pegmatite exposure and extending 500m to the west. This has greatly improved our confidence to now advance towards a maiden drill program during the winter exploration season.”

MRZ’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 18 cents (1:30pm UTC+ 8 hours).


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