Tyranna Resources Commence Drilling at Muvero & Intersect Lithium Mineralisation

2 November 2023 14:14

Tyranna Resources (ASX:TYX) has reached a significant milestone in its lithium-focused exploration in Africa, as partially completed drilling at the Muvero Prospect has already revealed intersections of lithium mineralisation in multiple pegmatites.


Figure 1: Drill-rig at Muvero, part way through completing MRC01

Tyranna’s Drilling in Africa To Date

The Company announced in August its plans for an extensive 30-hole RC drilling campaign to expand its Muvero Prospect, facilitated by a substantial $14.5 million investment from Sinomine Resource Group Ltd.

Although Tyranna made rapid initial progress on the campaign, notably through preparation of access and drilling pads being competed ahead of schedule, the drilling program faced a delay due to the late arrival of the contractor, Hammerstein Mining & Drilling.

In response to this unforeseen setback, Tyranna carried out additional fieldwork, including initiating the first drill holes, MRC01, MRC02, and MRC03, to make productive use of the time.

The Company found early evidence of lithium mineralisation in various pegmatites during initial lithology assessments, offering promising prospects as it continued with the remainder of the campaign.


Figure 2: Tyranna technical director Peter Spitalny (orange hi-viz at rig) discussing drill-rig set-up with driller. Mr Li Lei (in foreground, wearing Angolitio Hi-viz vest) of Sinomine observing.

Additional Exploration at the Project

Before initiating the October drilling campaign, Tyranna conducted a gravity survey of the Muvero Prospect and its neighbouring regions.

This geophysical survey technique is valuable for detecting substantial sub-surface pegmatite bodies due to the density variation between pegmatite and the surrounding host rocks.

The Company expects to receive results from this exploration effort and complete the interpretation by December, which will help define the targets for the early 2024 drilling phase.

Tyranna also conducted an inspection of 30 remote targets derived from the analysis of spectral imagery and data through a helicopter-assisted survey. The initial examination did not immediately identify suitable drill targets due to the limitations of this interpretation method.

However, despite these challenges, Tyranna remains committed to exploring the potential of spectral analysis in identifying lithium pegmatites. To enhance the reliability of this approach, the Company has entered into a partnership with CSIRO to develop a more accurate method of spectral analysis capable of reliably predicting the presence of lithium minerals within pegmatite formations.


Figure 3: Sinomine Angolan Operations Manager, Mr Li Lei (right), with Tyranna Technical Director Mr Peter Spitalny (centre) and Angolitio Senior Field and Logistics, Mr Jaoa Boy.

Future Outlook of the Program

The Company foresees the drilling operations continuing into December, briefly pausing during the Christmas period, and resuming in early January.

As drilling advances, collected samples will be sent to ALS Namibia (Okahandja) for processing into pulps intended for export to Australia and subsequent analysis.

The assay results for the initial batch of samples are expected to be received in early January 2024 and will be announced promptly after validation, with Tyranna planning to provide ongoing drilling progress updates to keep the market informed about the program’s development.

Company Comments

Tyranna’s Technical Director Peter Spitalny commented on the drilling progress.

“The drilling campaign has immediately intersected pegmatites containing lithium mineralisation,” he said.

“This is exciting and we are optimistic and anticipate many more mineralised intersections as drilling progresses throughout this campaign.”

TYX’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 12.5% and is currently trading at $0.018 today (2.15pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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