Jindalee Resources Announces Exceptional Metallurgical Results at McDermitt

15 November 2023 11:16

Jindalee Resources (ASX:JRL) has reported significant progress at its wholly-owned McDermitt Lithium Project in Oregon, USA, with promising metallurgical test work and excellent results from the beneficiation of lithium samples through attrition scrubbing.


Figure 1: Plan view of the McDermitt Lithium Project with 2023 Mineral Resource1 (at 1523mRL), completed drilling, Section C-C’ and schematic conceptual pit shells (Pit Shell 5: nominal 20 years; Pit Shell 6: nominal 43 years).

Exceptional Results from Beneficiating

In October, the Company released preliminary assay results for metallurgical samples from the McDermitt Project, revealing an average head assay of 1790 ppm Lithium, marking a 34 percent increase from the current Indicated and Inferred resource grade.

Following this, acid leach testwork employing attrition scrubbing on the samples has been completed, yielding outstanding results.


Figure 2: Lithium Recovery to Leach Feed by particle size (Units 4, 6, 8 and 10)

Jindalee disclosed that pit shell composites encompassing Units four, six, eight, and ten from conceptual Pit Shell 6 (with a nominal duration of 43 years) achieved a recovery of 92.0% of lithium to leach feed and rejected 25.3% of the mass at a cut size of 250 microns.

Notably, this outcome surpassed the average head grade of metallurgical samples by 18%, registering a grade to leach at 2,107 ppm lithium. Importantly, it also exceeded the average Mineral Resource grade by a significant 57%, which stands at 1,340 ppm lithium.


Table 1: Summary of Lithium Recoveries via Attrition Scrubbing at 250 micron cut size (Pit Shell 6)

Jindalee further revealed that beneficiation testwork on individual units verified elevated lithium concentrations in the finer fractions of Units four and six, with the minus 38-micron fraction containing 90.5% and 81.1% of the lithium content, respectively.

This finding holds importance for the Company as it presents an opportunity to enhance lithium recoveries in the processing of these deeper units, allowing for a finer cut size as the development advances.

As part of the McDermitt Pre-feasibility Study, a 250-micron cut size will be utilised for initial acid leaching testwork, and additional exploration into variable attrition times, cut sizes, and scrubbing of coarse material is planned.

The outcomes of this extended testing are expected to be released to the market in early December.

JRL’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 8%is currently trading at $1.080 (11:00am UTC+ 8 hours).

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