Patriot Lithium Gorman Soil Sampling Reveals 1.5km Continuous Lithium Anomaly

15 November 2023 10:10

Patriot Lithium Limited (ASX: PAT) has announced significant findings from its 2023 soil sampling program at the Gorman Project, revealing a substantial 1.5 kilometre-long lithium-in-soil anomaly along the high-grade G0, G1, and G2 lithium-caesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatite outcrops, indicating potential connectivity beneath soil cover.


Figure 1: Map showing the approximate locations of the G0 to G2 and Chocolate Milk soil surveys within the recently expanded Gorman Projec

Continuous Lithium Anomaly

A continuous 1.5 kilometre-long lithium anomaly has been identified through soil samples taken along the G0 and G1 pegmatite outcrops, as well as the soil-covered area between them. This finding suggests a potential link between these pegmatites beneath the soil cover, opening new avenues for exploration and indicating a continuous lithium presence in this 1.5km stretch.

Furthermore, the G0, G1, and G2 pegmatites play a crucial role in a larger geological context. They contribute to a 5.2 kilometre-long spodumene-bearing LCT pegmatite trend that extends along strike to the NW and SE.

This extended lithium-mineralised trend highlights the substantial geological potential of the Gorman Project, pointing to a significant lithium presence over a considerable distance.

Additionally, the strategic positioning of Patriot’s Gorman mineralised pegmatites, located 68 kilometres from Frontier Lithium’s PAK-Spark Lithium Project, one of the largest and highest-grade lithium deposits in North America, heightens the significance of Patriot’s assets within the broader “Electric Avenue” lithium district in Ontario.

Soil Sampling Program Overview

Patriot’s soil sampling program, following successful exploration efforts in June and August, targeted 549 sites across the G0-G2 and Chocolate Milk pegmatites.

Despite challenges in some areas, 334 high-quality soil samples were collected, revealing promising lithium values.

Patriot’s recent soil sampling at the Gorman Project aimed to assess lithium potential across the main G0-G2 outcrops and determine mineralisation extents beneath shallow soil cover.

Following successful exploration in June and August, including the discovery of new LCT pegmatite outcrops and rock chip assays exceeding 3% Li2O, the program covered 549 sites, with 334 high-quality soil samples collected despite challenges.

Results have provided crucial insights for further exploration and development at Gorman.


Figure 2: Map showing lithium-in-soil sampling results over the G0 to G2 pegmatites


Figure 3: Map showing lithium-in-soil sampling results over the Chocolate Milk pegmatite

Next Steps

Patriot has taken proactive steps, submitting permit applications for a maiden drill program at Gorman, expected to commence in the second quarter of 2024, pending necessary approvals.

The forthcoming drilling program aims to unlock the full potential of the identified lithium anomaly, positioning Patriot Lithium as a key player in Ontario’s thriving lithium exploration sector.

Patriot Lithium CEO and Managing Director Nicholas Vickery expressed his optimism in the results.

“These initial soil sampling results are highly encouraging, identifying a continuous 1.5 kilometre surface lithium anomaly stretching along and across the high grade G0 and G1 pegmatite zones in our Gorman Project and increasing the likelihood for mineralisation being present under shallow soil cover,” he said.

“This 1.5-kilometre-long target, which sits within a broader 5.2-kilometre long lithium-mineralised trend at Gorman, will form an important focus of our maiden drilling program in 2024.”

“These results further confirm Patriot’s Gorman Project as an exciting and highly prospective exploration project with significant potential, along trend from Frontier Lithium’s world-class PAK-Spark lithium development project, in Ontario’s “Electric Avenue”.”

PAT’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at $0.22 (10.00am UTC+ 8 hours).

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