Tyranna Resources Expands Lithium Prospects with Promising Muvero Drilling Results

16 November 2023 13:24
Tyranna Resources Expands Lithium Prospects With Promising Muvero Drilling Results

Tyranna Resources Limited (ASX:TYX) is making notable progress in its exploration efforts at the Muvero Prospect, where ongoing drilling, marked by successful intersections, has unveiled extensive spodumene-bearing pegmatite, reaching a total depth of 1,650 metres across drill-holes MRC01 to MRC10.


Figure 1: Location of RC drill-holes MRC01-MRC10. Note location of cross-section A-B

Continued Success in Drilling Campaign

Tyranna has completed ten Reverse Circulation (RC) drill-holes (MRC01 to MRC10) at Muvero, covering a total of 1,650 metres.

The drill cuttings from MRC01, MRC02, MRC03, MRC04, MRC05, MRC08, and MRC09 have all shown evidence of spodumene, a critical mineral in lithium production.

Visual examinations of chip-trays, such as the one from MRC01 shown in Figure 2, reveal spodumene content ranging from 1% to 20%, alongside other minerals like lepidolite, elbaite, cleavelandite, microcline, and quartz.


Figure 2: Chip-tray of 20m-40m interval of MRC01

Spodumene is observed as elongate tabular or bladed fragments, showcasing its potential economic significance.

Geological Insights and Future Prospects

Geological analysis indicates that spodumene occurs predominantly as phenocrystic megacrysts within a coarse-grained matrix of cleavelandite and quartz. This composition, identified through exposures in workings and drill-core, enhances the confidence in Muvero’s lithium potential.

Cross-sections of drill-holes MRC04 and MRC05 provide a glimpse into the pegmatite’s geometry, representing only a fraction of the Muvero Prospect.

With 90% of Muvero yet to be explored, the ongoing drilling campaign is expected to deepen the understanding of the prospect’s mineralisation.


Figure 3: Cross-section A-B, displaying pegmatite intersected by MRC04 and MRC05.

Upcoming Assay Results and Future Plans

The drilling campaign at Muvero is set to persist through December 2023, briefly pausing over the Christmas period before resuming in early January 2024.

Notably, the extent of drilling at Muvero will be expanded from the initial 6,000 metres to 8,000 metres or beyond, continuing throughout 2024, alongside ongoing drilling activities at other prospects.

To ensure comprehensive analysis, samples collected during the drilling process will be dispatched to ALS Namibia (Okahandja) for processing into pulps, facilitating export to Australia for subsequent analysis.

Anticipated in January 2024, the first batch of assay results will undergo requisite validation and will be promptly announced, with continued updates on drilling progress as the program advances.

Tyranna Technical Director, Peter Spitalny, commented, “The continuing intersection of spodumene bearing pegmatites reinforces the potential of the Muvero Prospect to contain a substantial amount of spodumene and we are optimistic that as drilling continues and extends into 2024 this will prove to be the case!”

TYX’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 12.5% today and is currently trading at 1.8 cents (12:30pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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