Narryer Metals Identifies New Lithium Prospects in Canada After 2023 Field Season

21 November 2023 10:03

Narryer Metals (ASX:NYM) has concluded its 2023 fieldwork in James Bay and North West Ontario, identifying and sampling prospective surface pegmatites in three project areas, while also uncovering a new lithium project in the Sapawe area through a regional targeting exercise, with results pending.


Figure 1: Narryer Li Project areas in Canada, including the new Sapawe Project in Ontario

Hailstone Project

In the field at the Hailstone Project in North West Ontario, Narryer Metals investigated a pegmatite dyke swarm that intruded metasedimentary rock within the Confederation-Uchi greenstone belt.

The selection of field areas of interest was guided by satellite imagery analysis, with the observed dykes varying in width from 1m to approximately 100m.

A total of 22 samples were systematically collected for subsequent analysis, focusing on determining levels of fractionation and multielement geochemistry.

The results, once obtained, will provide insights into whether the project area is part of a Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum (LCT) pegmatite system. Notably, particular attention was given to pegmatite outcrops situated along the transmission line, as illustrated in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Hailstone Project area (NW Ontario), showing areas of interest visited in the field, including prospective area of focus. (Co ords NAD83)

Pontax East Project

The Pontax East Project, located in the James Bay region of Quebec, underwent a detailed examination of over 50 identified “areas of interest,” as determined by satellite imagery.

Helicopter surveys were employed for accessibility, and samples were collected at numerous locations throughout the field.

While many of the identified felsic, linear intrusive features were pegmatoidal granites, they received lesser focus during the fieldwork.

The most promising discovery was a pegmatite intrusive approximately 30m thick and 500m long, situated in the NE block of mineral claims known as Carlos Pegmatite, as depicted in Figure 3.

The collected samples are currently undergoing analysis and will be reported upon receipt of results, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the Project’s geological characteristics.


Figure 3: Pontax East Project area (James Bay, Quebec), showing areas of interest visited in the field, including prospective area of interest. (Co ords NAD83)

Overcoming Challenges

Despite facing challenges at the Eades Project in the Abitibi area of Ontario, where ground access was hindered by thick vegetation and recent fire damage, Narryer Metals conducted a flyover that identified a potential pathway for the 2024 field season.

The Company has initiated consultations with local representatives of the Cree Nation to secure access to the Walrus Island mineral claim area in James Bay, where spodumene hosted in pegmatite has been previously identified.

Sapawe Lithium Project

One significant development is the addition of the Sapawe Project to Narryer’s lithium exploration portfolio.

Situated in North West Ontario, this Project was identified through a project generation exercise conducted by Narryer Metals and CSA Global / ERM geologists.

The Sapawe Project, covering an area of 60 km², is strategically located near Thunder Bay, with mineral claims proximal to the Trans-Canada Highway and the town of Sapawe.

The Sapawe Project met key lithium targeting criteria, including its location along a major tectonic terrane boundary, sedimentary greenstone hosting, proximity to a potential 2 mica-granite intrusive source, and its close proximity to already reported Niobe-Nym Lakes LCT pegmatites.

Fieldwork for this promising project is scheduled for the 2024 Canadian field season.


Figure 4: Satellite image in relation to the Sapawe Project target area and new Narryer Metals mineral claims

Canadian Lithium Projects

The five Canadian lithium projects being explored by Narryer Metals cover a total area of 124 km² and are strategically located in James Bay, Abitibi, and North West Ontario regions.

These areas are recognised as highly prospective for lithium exploration and mine development, making Canada one of the most sought-after jurisdictions for critical minerals.

Future Outlook

Narryer Metals Managing Director Dr. Gavin England expressed satisfaction with the progress, noting that despite challenges posed by the summer fires in Quebec and Ontario, the Company had successfully completed a first-pass review at three of the five acquired projects.

Dr. England highlighted the excitement around the identification of pegmatite intrusives on the ground and eagerly awaits the results of analytical work on the collected samples.

“Narryer was pleased to have been able to get onto the ground late in the 2023 Canadian field season, following the acquisition of the portfolio of lithium projects in September and initial stakeholder engagement required,” he said.

“While still very early stage, Narryer was excited to see pegmatite intrusives on the ground and we wait for the results of the analytical work to be completed on the samples collected.”

“The Company also engaged CSA, with their vast experience and knowledge in LCT pegmatite systems, to assist in identifying new prospective exploration areas in NW Ontario. The Sapawe area was one such site Narryer has picked up for exploration work in 2024.”

Narryer Metals AGM Presentation can be found here.

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