EverGreen Lithium Unearths Major Pegmatite Discoveries in Central Bynoe’s Phase 3 Sampling

30 November 2023 09:19
Evergreen Lithium Bynoe Project

EverGreen Lithium Limited (ASX: EG1) is advancing exploration at its Central Bynoe Project, announcing it has uncovering significant pegmatite targets through Phase 3 geochemical soil sampling, marking a substantial leap in understanding lithium anomalies within the Bynoe pegmatite field.


Figure 1: Bynoe Project gridded Li2O assay values (pink polygon – new area).

Largest Geochemical Signatures to Date

In the latest batch of assays, drawn from 1007 soil samples, EverGreen has identified its most extensive geochemical signatures to date.

Beyond affirming the scale of lithium trends, the results highlight additional large-scale lithium anomalies in the central area of the tenement, demonstrating the pervasive nature of potential mineralisation.

With the forthcoming drill program, EverGreen Lithium aims to test these geochemical anomalies, ANT survey targets, and explore depth extensions, further advancing its understanding of the geological landscape.


Figure 2: Pathfinder elements Cs and Ta with new soil results highlighted in the pink polygon.

Identification of Blind Pegmatite Systems

Geologically, EverGreen’s exploration at the Bynoe Project has centered on discovering economic lithium mineralisation within lithium-bearing lithium-caesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatites.

The integration of Phase 3 soil sampling results with existing geochemistry data has revealed strong geochemical targets at the centre of the Bynoe lease. North-trending zones were identified in the geological mapping which EverGreen believe indicate drill-ready targets, forming a crucial focus for upcoming exploration efforts.

Next Steps at Bynoe

EverGreen has completed an extensive soil sampling program over the past three months, with over 2000 soil samples awaiting analysis in a Darwin laboratory.

As the Company progresses, the Mine Management Plan (MMP) submission sets the stage for drilling activities within the lease upon approval, with the upcoming RAB/Aircore program, contingent on MMP approval, aiming to target areas associated with geochemical anomalies, ANT Survey targets, and favourable geology, including mapped structures and quartz veins with muscovite.

The program will also test ‘blind’ targets beneath lateritic and black soil cover material.

Additionally, RC drilling will delve into priority targets at depth, providing vital insights into subsurface geology.


Figure 3: Bynoe Project Soil Sampling Program Showing Progress Across High Priority Areas

Future Outlook

With soil sampling continuing in unexplored areas and in-fill programs contributing to the definition of mineralised trends, EverGreen Lithium remains committed to a comprehensive approach. Detailed geological mapping and interpretation work will persist in the short term, refining targets for the ongoing drill program.

EverGreen Lithium’s Chairman Simon Lill expressed the significance of the findings, highlighting the identification of new large and significant lithium anomalism in the central area of the Bynoe tenement.

“Geochemical results from sample analysis at Central Bynoe is significant as it points to additional zones of interest further south-east from those identified along the Core Lithium boundary, announced previously,” he said.

“Our latest mapping program across the geochemical anomalies and ANT survey targets, has identified structures hosting quartz veins with intermittent muscovite, which may be using the same structures as the pegmatite targets.”

EG1’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 17 cents (8:30am UTC+ 8 hours).

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