Kavango Resources Commences Airborne Geophysical Surveys

30 November 2023 11:11

Kavango Resources PLC (LSE:KAV) has initiated an airborne geophysical survey for its Kalahari Copper Belt (KCB) Project in Botswana, contracting South Africa-based New Resolution Geophysics to conduct a combined Time Domain Electromagnetic, Magnetic, and Gravity survey using a single helicopter platform.

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Figure 1: NRG’s planned survey lines across Kavango’s Block 1A and Block 1B licences and airborne survey data covering the PLs acquired from ENRG

The Surveys

The Company has contracted New Resolution Geophysics (NGS) to complete Gravity surveys combined on one helicopter platform, consisting of 2,374-line kilometres at a line spacing of 500 metres by 5,000 metres across Kavango’s Block 1A and Block 1B Prospecting Licences.

The exploration work expands on airborne geophysical surveying already conducted on PL203/2016 and PL127/2017, two adjacent Prospecting Licences recently acquired by Kavango.

The acquisition agreement was originally announced in September, aiming to strengthen Kavango’s ongoing copper and silver exploration program and reaffirm its commitment to tap into the region’s mineral potential.

Acquiring the Prospecting Licenses strategically positions Kavango, expanding its contiguous Project area adjacent to the existing Karakubis Block and South Ghanzi block, situated within the dynamic Kalahari Copper Belt, covering a vast expanse of 7,629 square kilometres.

The commencement of the airborne geophysics survey by New Resolution Geophysics is expected in December, with a projected duration of two weeks, and the final data processing and product delivery anticipated in the first quarter of 2024.

Strategic Positioning

The examination of the exploration program has instilled confidence among Kavango’s geologists and geophysicists in the regional copper mineralising system at the Prospecting Licenses (PLs).

The next step for Kavango involves interpreting the airborne geophysical data to pinpoint target areas for subsequent ground geophysical follow-up, ultimately culminating in the identification of drill targets.

The Company will report the results to market when available.

Company Comments

Kavango Resources Chief Executive Officer, Ben Turney, said that the Company is targeting the discovery of large-scale copper and silver targets in the Kalahari Copper Belt in Botswana.

“We recently acquired additional exploration licences from ENRG Elements to complete a large contiguous land package from the town of Ghanzi to the Namibian border,” he said.

“Our interpretation of ENRG’s existing survey data for Prospecting Licences 203/2016 and 127/2017 supports our working theory that this area is prospective for copper/silver. We believe this potential could extend to Kavango’s other licence holdings, which have designated as Blocks 1A and 1B.”

“As part of our ‘levelling up’ strategy in the KCB, we are compiling a consistent data set for all the ground we control. NRG’s airborne geophysical survey will provide us with some of the final exploration data we need ahead of defining drill targets for next year’s drill campaign.”

“Our recent work has confirmed physical indicators of a copper mineralising system within our ground, combined with encouraging geophysical anomalies.”

“Our goal in reprocessing ENRG’s existing data and combining it with the data from the airborne surveys we will fly over Blocks 1A and 1B will be to increase our understanding of the region’s mineralised potential. We will also investigate the interpreted sub-basin that could be a significant control for copper/silver deposits.”

KAV’s London Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 4.00% and is currently trading at 0.65 pence (11.00am UTC+ 8 hours).

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