Pinnacle Minerals Complete First-Pass Ground Reconnaissance in Abitibi

30 November 2023 14:17
Pinnacle Minerals Complete First Pass Ground Reconnaissance In Abitibi

Pinnacle Minerals (ASX:PIM) continues its exploration endeavours in the prolific mining district of Quebec, announcing it has completed the first-pass ground reconnaissance program at the newly staked Lac Rug and Lac Bigniba Projects, located in the Abitibi sub-Province of Quebec, Canada.


Figure 1: Pegmatite outcrop 160090007

Identification of Pegmatite Outcrops

Dirt Exploration conducted a comprehensive analysis of Sentinel Multispectral and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data over the Adina East Project, identifying 60 discrete targets of interest.

Subsequently, a reconnaissance mapping and rock sampling program managed by IOS Geosciences confirmed the presence of multiple pegmatite occurrences, within the Project, during a field program conducted in late October.

Preliminary findings indicate the existence of both pegmatitic outcrop and pegmatite boulders at specific field locations. Additionally aluminous minerals were identified, including tourmaline, beryl, garnet, and muscovite, commonly associated with spodumene, a crucial lithium-bearing mineral.


Figure 2: Sample locations (pegmatite lithologies)

XRF Analysis and Results Anticipation

To further understand the mineralogy and confirm the presence of spodumene, XRF analysis of the pegmatite samples is currently underway, with results expected before the end of the year.

Pinnacle reports anticipation is high, given the historic reports of pegmatite outcrops aligning with targets identified during recent multispectral analysis.

Fourteen samples have been sent to the laboratory for assays, and results are expected in early January next year.


Figure 3: Pegmatite boulder 16009008 (left). Closeup of pegmatite outcrop highlighting abundant tourmaline 160090007 (right)

Despite Pinnacles optimistic outlook, the Company notes the current geochemical nature of the pegmatitic geological outcrops is unknown, emphasising that laboratory chemical assays are necessary to determine the presence and grade of any mineralisation, including lithium, tantalum, or caesium.

Strategic Location and Exploration Potential

The Adina East Project, spanning 72.7 square kilometres in Quebec’s James Bay region, consists of 147 claims strategically located adjacent to the Trieste greenstone belt extension.

The Project is positioned just 24 kilometres away from Winsome Resources’ Adina Project and shares proximity with Loyal Lithium’s Trieste Project and Winsome Resources’ Tilly Project, establishing it in a region recognised for its promising lithium deposits.


Figure 5: James Bay Province Highlighting Adina East Project Location.

Future Exploration Plans

Pinnacle Minerals Managing Director, Nic Matich, expressed enthusiasm about the progress, emphasising the significance of identifying fractionated pegmatite outcrops.

“The identification of fractionated pegmatite outcrops in the Adina East claims is a significant step forward in the Company’s Canadian exploration endeavours,” he said.

Despite limitations imposed by the onset of the Canadian winter, the Company plans to conduct further field mapping and sampling in the second quarter of next year.

The majority of the Project remains unexplored, presenting substantial opportunities for Pinnacle to expand on the promising results obtained thus far.

“These results, coupled with the lithium exploration success by our neighbours Winsome Resources, Loyal Lithium, and Rio Tinto in the Trieste Greenstone belt, further support the Company to return in early 2024 and expand upon the exploration conducted to date. The time spent on site was limited by the onset of the Canadian winter and the bulk of the project remains unexplored, providing substantial opportunity for the Company,” Matich commented.

PIM’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently selling at $0.160 (2.00pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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