Great Dirt Resources’ Soil Sampling Yields Promising Results

18 December 2023 12:19

Great Dirt Resources Ltd (ASX:GR8) have received results from soil sampling at its Doherty Manganese Project, located in New South Wales, which have defined an area of broad, coherent manganese mineralisation, with a large target identified for future soil sampling and geophysical testing.

The Soil Sampling Program

Following the initial rock chip and soil sampling program that revealed distinct extensions of favourable manganese-bearing host rocks, a subsequent soil sampling program was conducted.

This comprehensive program involved the collection of 581 samples over a span of five days, with the collected samples sent to ALS in Brisbane for analysis.

Soil sampling operations were conducted north of Doherty, involving four lines spanning distances between 1 to 1.3 kilometres, with samples systematically collected at 50-metre intervals along each line.

Additionally, south of Doherty, three more lines were completed, ranging in lengths from 1.6 to 2.1 kilometres, with the same systematic sampling approach at 50-metre intervals.


Figure 1: Doherty Mine and extension soil sampling results

Six soil lines, ranging from 345 metres to 2.25 kilometres, were completed west and north of the Junior Mine.

Another six lines, spanning 648 metres to 1.3 kilometres, were conducted south and west of the mine, along with three lines near the Bundarra granite boundary in the northern part of the tenure, covering the historical manganese mineral occurrence at Daileys Deposit.


Figure 2: : Junior Mine and western extension soil sampling results

Results Interpreted

Samples collected at the Junior Mine and its surroundings revealed a broad anomalism, prompting the need for further extension and infill sampling to precisely define the target for future drilling and exploration.

Great Dirt is confident that these results indicate larger district-scale targets, likely formed as primary exhalative stratiform manganese oxide deposits.

Similarly, successful sampling at the Doherty Mine and its surrounding tenement has uncovered anomalism, distinctly outlining an extension to the south of the mine area.

Building on these findings, Great Dirt is currently planning additional lines to infill areas north of the mine, refining the extension to the mine stratigraphy and ore zones.

Future Outlook

Following its ASX listing in November, the Company has achieved significant strides in exploration.

Earlier this month, Great Dirt announced the results of rock chip samples from both the Doherty Mine extension, revealing grades up to 57.14 – 59.29 percent manganese, and the Junior Mine extension.

Great Dirt has scheduled systematic exploration for the upcoming year to enhance the definition of targets and extensions at the Project.

In January, gridded soil geochemistry is expected to commence, aiming to refine the mapping of manganese mineralisation and identify strike extensions beyond historical mines and known mineralised zones.

Moreover, ongoing initiatives include plans for infill soil sampling of existing anomalies and the initiation of reconnaissance geological mapping and rock sampling.

Great Dirt has initiated a magnetic and radiometric survey covering the Doherty Project and its surroundings, anticipating the imminent receipt of the data.

The survey is poised to facilitate the Company in modelling stratigraphic units and identifying any structural controls associated with their presentation.

Company Comments

Great Dirt Resources’ Managing Director Marty Helean commented on the results.

“We continue to see enormous potential outside of the areas of known mineralisation, especially to the west of the Junior Mine,” he said.

“Work will continue to further extend sampling areas and infill areas that have shown significant manganese mineralisation. We look forward to updating the market as results come to hand.”

GR8’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at $0.22 (12.15pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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