Raiden Resources Discovers Five New Target Zones for Lithium Bearing Pegmatites

22 December 2023 08:52
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Raiden Resources (ASX:RDN) has announced its recent mapping and pegmatite analysis program, conducted with the assistance of CSA Global, has yielded promising results, confirming five new potential zones for lithium bearing pegmatites at its Andover South Project, located in the prolific Pilbara region of Western Australia.


Figure 1: Raiden’s Andover South Project and adjacent Azure Minerals Ltd.’s Andover Lithium project

Promising Pegmatite Analysis

Raiden commissioned CSA Global to assist in a re-evaluation exercise of the Andover South Project.

The work included re-mapping of the defined pegmatites, analysis of the outcrop minerology with the objective to sample and test Potassium-Feldspar mineral ratios, collected from pegmatites. These ratios were then used to determine the fractionation states of the pegmatites.

This is useful for the Company as highly fractionated pegmatites are often more likely to host lithium-caesium-tantalum (LCT) mineralisation, which would be a priority target for further exploration.

The field work was also designed to analyse the fractionation trends of potassium and rubidium to determine any zones of interest in areas of the Project which were previously under-sampled.

The final objective of the remapping exercise was to gather samples of undertested pegmatites, evaluating which returned low Li2O values, determining their degree of fractionation, and thus potential for LCT mineralisation.

The results were successful in identifying five new potential zones for lithium bearing pegmatites, characterised by a high degree of fractionation.

Of note, a new prospective target zone located on tenement E47/4061 demonstrated promising evidence of prospectivity, expanding the potential strike of a key target zone, already identified on the lease, in the pegmatite field to 4.2 kilometres.


Figure 2: Andover South Project – K-Feldspar K/Rb ratios showing fractionation trends (where <10 corresponds with current highest Li2O grade pegmatites and <30 shows very highly fractionated pegmatites, being most likely to host further LCT mineralisation)

The culmination of work at the Andover South Project has now identified six target zones for further exploration, offering significant potential for the Company in its exploration endeavours throughout the new year.

The Company will continue to prepare for its maiden drilling program which will test all six of the prospective target zones.

Future Outlook

Further exploration work is needed prior to the commencement of drilling in order to confirm further potential zones of interest.

Raiden has outlined it has planned the following work programs.

  • Resampling of pegmatites within the new prospective zones, as defined through the K/Rb fractionation data analysis.
  • Obtain high resolution drone imagery and lidar of the tenement areas to refine the digitisation of currently defined and potentially further outcropping pegmatites
  • Complete a high-resolution magnetic survey over the target area, with the objective of understanding the relationship between structures, pegmatite mineralisation and potentially define a pegmatite response which may be used to determine pegmatite geometry at depth
  • Refining drill planning, in conjunction with CSA Global, based on the work done to date, to ensure Phase 1 drilling will be best placed to intersect the mapped lithiumbearing pegmatites

Raiden has also noted further targeting work will need to be completed over areas on the property which are obscured by sedimentary cover with the aim of identifing further target zones.

The Company is still eagerly awaiting its latest rock chip sampling results, which are anticipated mid-January.

Previously reported rock chip assays in November were highly encouraging, recording the highest grade lithium result, 3.80% Li2O, to date across the tenements, demonstrating the high potential for significant and mineralised LCT pegmatites.

Company Comments

Raiden Resources Managing Director Dusko Ljubojevic said with ongoing work, the Company’s teams are starting to define further potential at the Andover South Project.

“On the basis of K/Rb ratio analysis and zonation mapping of all pegmatites, we have defined a further five zones of interest, which will be evaluated in more detail in the coming months,” he said.

“We hope that through the improved understanding of the zonation of the pegmatite field, as well as individual pegmatites, future sampling will confirm the mineral potential within the recently defined targets.”

“The Company will re-evaluate all the target areas with the view of potentially drill testing them in conjunction with Target Area 1, the Company’s established target zone.”

“Shareholders can be assured that whilst awaiting heritage survey dates for drill access, which are being followed up on a regular basis, the Company is diligently continuing to explore its Pilbara lithium projects, especially Andover with the aim of defining numerous walk-up drill ready targets.”

RDN’s Australian Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 10.53% and is currently trading at $0.042 AUD (8.40am UTC+ 8 hours).

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