Gladiator Resources Announce Promising Results From Re-Analysis of Uranium Samples

10 January 2024 09:51

Gladiator Resources (ASX:GLA) has released its updated uranium sample results, taken from the Southwest Corner (SWC) target trench, after re-analysis of samples that were ‘above’ the ‘detection limit.’ The re-analysis has yielded highest grade samples including 7139 and 4442 ppm U3O8, confirming the Mkuju Project’s potential for very high uranium grades.

Updated Uranium Results

On the 27th of December last year, Gladiator released assay results for SWC target trenches which confirmed high-grade uranium in four of the five trenches, recording one of the mineralised layers was interpreted to be at least six metres thick.

Within that ASX announcement, the Company outlined it planned to re-analyse results within the intervals above the upper detection limit, 4245ppm U3O8, via another method of testing to ascertain the true uranium values.

The re-analysis has now been completed, and has yielded promising results, recording final grades as high as 7139 and 4442 ppm U3O8 , successfully confirming Mkuju’s potential for very high grades.

Vertical intervals include:

  • 1.95 metres with an average grade of 1776ppm U3O8 in Trench 1
  • 1.40 metres with an average grade of 3170ppm U3O8 in Trench 2
  • 1.40 metres with an average grade of 3945ppm U3O8 in Trench 4
  • 1.40 metres with an average grade of 4442ppm U3O8 in Trench 5
  • 0.75 metres with an average grade of 7139ppm U3O8 in Trench 5
  • 2.55 metres with an average grade of 2017ppm U3O8 in Trench 5

The re-analysis found the average grade of the exposed parts of the layers in the trenches range from 708 to 2563 ppm U3O8, with the layers interpreted to be between one metre and six metres thick.

Gladiator notes the uranium mineralisation at the Project is hosted in coarse sandstone, similar to the Nyota deposit, 50 kilometres to the north, which holds a Measured and Indicated Mineral Resource Estimate of 124.6 Mlbs U3O8.

North and South Limb

The Company has identified two zones of the greatest interest, the North and South Limb zones. These zones have a combined strike-length of over three kilometres.

To test uranium mineralisation in these zones, Gladiator completed five trenches at the SWC target in October last year, four at the South Limb zone and a single trench at the Nouth Limb zone.

A total of 454 metres of trenching was completed, between 3.0 and 3.9 metres deep, with samples taken from vertical channels at 4.0 metre intervals along one sidewall of each trench.


Figure 1: Map showing recently acquired ground radiometric survey results (linear equivalent U3O8) showing 2008 auger holes and the trenches. Cross section provided in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Schematic cross-sectional interpretation showing domal structure and gently dipping mineralised layers. Proposed drill-hole positions are shown. This interpretation is supported by the trench data and observations.

Gladiator plans to further test the North and South Limb zones during its core drilling, planned for the second quarter of 2024.

No drilling has been completed in these zones other than the shallow-hole, <15 metre, auger drilling in 2008 which recorded excellent results.


Table 1: Historic (2008) auger holes with uranium intersections (all holes vertical). NSI = No significant Intersection

Sodium Peroxide Fusion

The original assays were by XRF, which has an upper detection limit of 4245ppm U3O8. As several samples were reported at this limit, the Company opted for re-analysis via Sodium Peroxide Fusion/ICP-OES to determine true values.

The average trench grades have not materially changed, but the high individual sample grades provide an important understanding of the range of intensity of the mineralisation.

Gladiator has outlined the next step is to drill-test the layers which have an average grade of between 708 and 2563 ppm U3O8 in the trenches.

GLA’s Australian Securities Exchange-listed share price has risen 17.24% and is currently trading at $0.034 (9.45am UTC+ 8 hours).

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