Moab Minerals Identifies Two Gold Anomalous Areas at Woodland Project

25 January 2024 10:12
Moab Minerals Identifies Two Gold Anomalous Areas At Woodland Project

Moab Minerals (ASX:MOM) has revealed promising results from its BLEG soil sampling program at the Woodlands gold and base metal Project in the Murchison region of Western Australia, uncovering two separate gold anomalous areas spanning over 20 kilometres.


Figure 1: Location map and geologic setting of the Woodlands Project

Successful BLEG Campaign

The BLEG soil sampling program collected a total of 2,308 samples, conducted on north-south lines spaced 400 metres apart, with samples collected at 40 metre intervals.

Two-kilogram samples of material under two millimetres were collected on-site and sent to an ISO certified Perth laboratory for processing.

Subsequently, the samples were divided into one-kilogram portions and subjected to cyanide leaching for the analysis of gold, silver, and copper.

The anomalous gold results reported:

Anomalous Threshold


Number of samples

2 – 9 ppb Gold



1 – 2 ppb Gold

Weakly Anomalous


0.05 – 1 ppb Gold



Two Gold Anomalies

Within tenement E52/2790, a distinctive variscite-gold prospect in a sub-block held by a third party has been identified, with the owners expanding its coverage through Lag Sampling to the east and west.

While Moab Minerals did not retain the results from this sampling, it possesses arsenic results revealing anomalous trends extending east and west of the variscite prospect into Moab’s exploration license.

Further samples collected along strike of the variscite-gold prospect confirmed a gold in soil anomaly extending over 2.0 kilometres to the east of the variscite gold mine area.

At the mine site, the presence of coarse gold at one location prompted Moab to conduct additional soil sampling in this campaign.


Figure 2: BLEG gold soil sampling results – anomalous gold zone shown over 2 kilometres long on strike from variscite-gold mine.

In addition to the variscite-gold trend, the soil survey also encompassed ‘Anomaly 27,’ where assays of up to 3.08 g/t Au and 22 g/t Ag were recorded during Geopeko’s drilling of an exposed quartz vein.

The BLEG soil sampling proved instrumental in revealing a gold in soil anomaly that extends eastward from the previous drill site for approximately 500 metres.

The alignment of the gold anomaly and drilling location corresponds with a well-defined anticlinal fold structure in the Kinagi Creek Formation.


Figure 3: Bleg gold soil results for Anomaly 27 Area – Gold anomaly extending east of legacy drill area for approximately 500 metres

The Woodland Project

Moab’s Woodlands Project encompasses gold targets situated in the southern part of the tenement, linked to an east-west structural corridor and characterised by the presence of an unusual bright green alteration mineral known as variscite.

In addition, the Project features base metals targets (Cu-Pb-Zn) located in the northern section of the tenement, associated with gossanous zones in Proterozoic carbonaceous sediments, where the objective is to identify Mt Isa style stratiform base metal mineralisation.

Historical exploration efforts at the Project have included a range of activities such as aerial and geophysical surveys, rock chip sampling, and various drilling methods (RAB, RC, and diamond drilling), generating a comprehensive database of results the Company can draw upon for its exploration campaigns.

Company Comments

Moab Minerals Managing Director Malcolm Day commented on the results.

“The initial soil program at Woodlands was focused on gold targets and it has been successful in that it has identified two gold anomalies trends,” he said.

“We are currently evaluating the results to determine the scope of any follow-up work.”

MOM’s Australian Securities Exchange share price has risen 16.67% and is currently trading at $0.07 (9.45am UTC+ 8 hours).

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