Tyranna Resources Intersects its Broadest Interval of Pegmatite to Date at Muvero

1 February 2024 10:10

Tyranna Resources (ASX:TYX) has recommenced drilling at the Muvero Prospect, reporting significant progress with drill rig MRC22 intersecting 40 metres of pegmatite, containing abundant spodumene.

This is the broadest interval of pegmatite Tyranna has encountered to-date at the Muvero Prospect, within the Namibe Lithium Project, which bodes well for its ongoing lithium exploration in Africa.

Muvero Drilling Campaign

The Company has conducted extensive drilling throughout 2023, which led to the completion of preliminary modelling, revealing multiple potential extensions of pegmatite at depth, leading to planning of additional drill-holes.

Tyranna reports at the time of writing, seven holes (MRC18 – MRC24) had been completed for a total of 715 metres, following recommencement of drilling in late January this year.

This round of drilling has yielded promising results, with spodumene identified in five holes; MRC19, MRC20, MRC21, MRC22 and MRC24.

Of note, hole MRC22 recorded the best intersection with 40 metres of pegmatite from 19 metres to 59 metres down-hole, being the broadest interval of pegmatite discovered at the Muvero Prospect to date.


Figure 1: Chip-trays displaying rocks intersected from 0- 60 metres down-hole of MRC22, with Tyranna Technical Director, Peter Spitalny, indicating the interval of pegmatite from 19 – 59 metres

Muvero Composition

The Muvero pegmatite’s composition consists of spodumene-rich zones, where spodumene occurs as phenocrystic megacrysts in a coarse-grained matrix.

This is comprised of cleavelandite and quartz, with accompanying amounts of lepidolite and elbaite, muscovite and microcline.


Figure 2: Chip-tray of 20 -40 metre interval of MRC22. The minerals present include spodumene (10%-20%), lepidolite (1%-5%), elbaite (1%-3%), cleavelandite (variety of albite feldspar, 20%-40%), microcline (variety of potassium feldspar, 5%-10%), muscovite (variety of mica, 5%-10%), and quartz (20%-30%)

Tyranna plans ongoing drilling at the Muvero Prospect to discover significant bodies of spodumene-bearing pegmatite hidden within the hill, upon which the pegmatite is partly exposed.

The Next Steps

The Company anticipates drilling at the Muvero Prospect and wider Project area to continue across the first half of 2024.

The initial batch of assay results are expected to be received in March, impacted by festive season delays in exporting pulps from Namibia to Australia.

As Tyranna ramps up drilling at the Muvero Prospect, receipt of all assay results is set to require additional time, and will result in the completion of the Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate extending into June 2024.

Company Comments

Tyranna Resources’ Technical Director Peter Spitalny commented on the drilling progress.

“The re-start of drilling has occurred smoothly, and it is exciting to have already achieved success, with MRC22 intersecting 40 metres of spodumene-bearing pegmatite,” he said.

“Preliminary 3D modelling of the drilling completed in 2023 had revealed multiple potential extensions of pegmatite at depth, and the intersection achieved by MRC22 confirms the potential to discover significantly more spodumene-bearing pegmatite than what is exposed at surface.”

“This potential is further supported by the results of the Gravimetric Survey completed late in 2023, which revealed the presence of significant gravity anomalies, likely caused by the presence of pegmatite beneath the surface.”

“We will increase the amount of drilling at Muvero to enable comprehensive coverage of the entire prospect and we anticipate exciting results as drilling proceeds.”

TYX’s Australian Securities Exchange-listed share price has risen 7.14% and is currently trading at $0.015 (10.00am UTC+ 8 hours).

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