4DS Memory Surpasses Expectations with Breakthrough Write Speeds

5 February 2024 11:45
4DS Surpasses Expectations With Breakthrough Write Speeds

4DS Memory Limited (ASX:4DS) has unveiled a substantial leap in its memory technology following an in-depth analysis of the Fourth Platform Lot, disclosing noteworthy enhancements in write speeds and power efficiency compared to results announced on September 18, 2023.

Background & Ongoing Analysis

In September 2023, 4DS reported write speeds of 9.5 nanoseconds, outperforming DRAM speeds.

This announcement revealed an endurance of 3 billion cycles and variable retention characteristics of the memory cell, prompting 4DS’s technical team to further analyse the Fourth Platform Lot, seeking a comprehensive understanding of the 4DS Technology under diverse conditions.

Speed Programming Milestone

The latest results highlight 4DS’s advancement in reliable write speeds, now at 4.7 nanoseconds, showcasing an improvement from the initial 9.5 nanoseconds initially recorded in September of last year.

Surpassing DRAM write speeds, 4DS has become a noteworthy player in the industry, credited to the fundamental nature of its Interface Switching ReRAM technology, which employs a “one-shot” programming approach responding instantly to a single pulse.

Electric Pulse Induced Resistance Switching

The uniqueness of 4DS’s technology, Electric Pulse Induced Resistance switching (EPIR), lies in its capability to ensure coherent responses to programming pulses throughout the entire cell area, efficiently setting or resetting resistance uniformly with a single pulse.

Analog Programming Capability

Beyond speed, 4DS has demonstrated its ability to control programming levels through modification of voltage, time, or a combination of both.

This analog programmability provides an additional dimension, expanding the potential applications of 4DS’s Interface Switching ReRAM technology, particularly for operations requiring analog programming.

Company Commentary

4DS Executive Chairman David McAuliffe extended congratulations to the team, emphasising the Company’s position as an industry leader.

“Congratulations to the 4DS team for this remarkable technical achievement,” he said.

“This clearly establishes 4DS as the industry leader in potentially bringing Interface Switching ReRAM to market, and we welcome the opportunity to work with industry partners in memory, Advanced AI, and foundry services to explore how 4DS can bring added competitiveness and higher performance to their offerings.”

Industry veteran Peter Himes, a recently announced Board Advisor, also commended the significance of the achievement.

“Achieving this technical milestone is significant for two reasons,” he said.

“First, at 4.7 nanoseconds the 4DS memory cell requires one of the lowest energy per bit of any persistent memory solution, and operating within the DRAM refresh cycle means that the 4DS cell can be refreshed as needed maintaining that persistence memory virtually indefinitely at very low energy consumption.”

“Secondly, being able to program with a one shot pulse – as opposed to iterative programming that is needed for most other memory technologies – means that 4DS can truly respond at DRAM speeds without the penalty of constant DRAM refreshes. This opens up new possibilities for 4DS in the memory space as well.”

“Analog programmability puts 4DS at the forefront of advances into new Advanced AI processing architectures as well. There is growing interest in being able to take advantage of analog programming in neural net applications. The speed and efficiency of the 4DS memory cell in this regard should be of high interest to Advanced AI companies, and we look forward to starting these discussions in the near future and showcase the latest technical achievements.”

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, 4DS is committed to further development and optimisation, with plans to demonstrate a 60nm and 20nm cell achieving gigabit-level densities in 2024.

The Company’s processes are designed for seamless integration into advanced CMOS processes, ensuring compatibility with standard equipment and 100% foundry compatibility.

4DS’s Australian Securities Exchange share price has risen 23.29% and is currently trading at $0.090 (11:45am UTC+ 8 hours).


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