Cobra Resources Initiates Sonic Core Drilling at Boland Prospect

8 February 2024 07:16
Cobra Resources Initiates Sonic Core Drilling At Boland Rare Earths Prospect

Cobra Resources PLC (LSE:COBR) has initiated sonic core drilling at the Boland Rare Earths Prospect following the confirmation of ionic rare earth recoveries in September last year. This has prompted a comprehensive assessment of the discovery’s scale, grade concentration, and in situ recovery (ISR) potential.


In Situ Recovery Potential

Cobra’s ongoing sonic core drilling program represents a critical step in their objective to showcase the ISR potential at the Boland site.

The Company plans to execute five sonic core holes, strategically chosen to determine the concentration of ionic rare earth mineralisation on sand/clay boundaries.

This aims to evaluate the potential for ISR extraction, focusing on a signature intersection drilled by Cobra in April 2023, yielding notable results.

In-depth Analysis & Sampling

The selection of the proposed drilling location is guided by the variability observed in recoveries across diverse sand/clay interfaces.

Spanning an anticipated 8-10 days, the drilling program will yield essential samples for multiple workstreams. These samples will not only facilitate narrow composite sampling to pinpoint high-grade rare earth element (REE) concentrations, but also serve as material for bench-scale laboratory ISR testing, offering valuable insights for the development of metallurgical flow sheets.

Another critical focus of the drilling program is determining sample densities and permeabilities, addressing yet another key aspect of the exploration process.

Environmental Considerations

Cobra is committed to responsible practices through the authorised drilling holes and the installation of monitoring wells, specifically designed for baseline hydrological and environmental studies.

These monitoring wells will play a crucial role in evaluating the potential production capacity of the confined aquifer, providing essential data for the strategic planning and implementation of a future ‘pilot’ push-pull ISR study.

Company Comments

Cobra Resources Chief Executive Office Rupert Verco expressed confidence in the potential impact of the Boland discovery on the supply of magnet rare earths.

“We believe that the Boland discovery has the potential to disrupt the current supply of magnet rare earths,” he said.

“Through this programme we aim to demonstrate the unprecedent economic and environmental advantages that in situ recovery provides.”

“Core samples from the programme will enable several workstreams that will provide high value news flow as we work to define a low-capital metallurgical process and determine the productivity potential of in situ recovery.”

COBR’s London Stock Exchange-listed share price has risen 2.70% and is currently trading at 0.95 pence (7.15am UTC+ 8 hours).

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