Castillo Copper’s board shifts set to drive development strategies

14 March 2024 13:10

Castillo Copper (ASX:CCZ) has swiftly implemented a transition in leadership, welcoming Edward Robaina and Joel Logan to its Board of Directors effective immediately.

This follows Castillo’s recent announcement of selling its exploration licensees to Rimfire Pacific Mining.

The new team

With a background as a Managing Director and Engineering Consultant, Mr. Robaina brings a wealth of technical expertise and leadership skills to his new role as Managing Director of Add Energy. His deep understanding of business operations is poised to synergise effectively with CCZ’s objectives.

During his tenure at Add Energy, Mr. Robaina successfully oversaw the enhancement of the company’s business operating model, leading to significant financial growth over a span of four years.

On the other hand, Mr. Logan boasts a wealth of expertise as an Exploration Geologist, covering a broad spectrum of resources from copper to cobalt.

His extensive experience in handling these commodities has significantly enhanced his abilities in exploration, development, and production asset management.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Logan has consistently demonstrated his robust theoretical and practical skills across various esteemed mining ventures.

Notably, he has contributed to the success of prominent projects like BHP’s Olympic Dam Project and Azure Minerals Andover Project, delivering prosperous outcomes for these operations.

Mr. Logan’s implementation of exploration drill hole strategies at Azure Minerals proved highly beneficial for the lithium miner. Now, Castillo Copper aims to capitalise on Mr. Logan’s invaluable experience in driving early-stage activity to enhance its asset development strategy.

Company commentary

Chairman Ged Hall expressed confidence that Castillo Copper will capitalise on new opportunities with its expanded Board and personally thanked Jack and David for their contributions to the company’s recent development strategy.

“I would like to personally thank Jack and David for stepping up to assist in guiding the Company’s reinvigorated development strategy in recent months,” he said.

As Jack and David transition, Castillo Copper warmly welcomed Eduardo and Joel to the Board, anticipating their diverse expertise will bolster developmental efforts and drive company value in the years ahead.

“No doubt we find ourselves facing a challenging market at present, however with core assets identified – as well as a commitment to advance development at these operations with targeted exploration activity – the Company is well-equipped to forge ahead.”

CCZ’s Australian Security Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at $0.004 (1:00 pm UTC+ 8 hours)

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