Desert Metals identifies new gold structure at Côte d’lvoire

9 April 2024 12:30

Desert Metals Limited (ASX:DM1) has revealed a significant gold discovery at Tengrela South in northern Côte d’Ivoire, with an impressive 4 metres at 5.22 grams per tonne (g/t) gold from a depth of 36 metres, during aircore drilling.

Exploration results

The company conducted 64 drill holes totalling 2,784 metres of shallow oxide drilling to investigate secondary gold anomalies south of the established Podio and Logbog gold mineralisation areas, as well as to probe a new gold anomaly beneath shallow transported cover.

Approximately 1,600 samples, including blanks and standards, underwent gold assay using the Chrysos™ PhotonAssay technique at Intertek Ghana.

Notably, aircore drilling targeting a new 78ppb gold soil anomaly revealed a significant end-of-hole intersection of 4 metres at 5.22 g/t Au from 36 metres in hole TEN-AC0013.

The intersection, ranking among the top 20 in Tengrela South’s extensive drilling history of over 63,000 metres, suggests the presence of a new mineralised structure open for further exploration in various directions.


Figure 1: Desert Metals’ Podio and Logbog local drilling plan

Drilling strategy

The aircore drill holes, all drilled 60 degrees eastward into the weathered oxide layer, reached depths ranging from 11 metres to 72 metres, with an average depth of 43 metres.

These holes were strategically positioned to explore second-tier gold anomalies and potentially new mineralised positions adjacent to the southern extensions of the Podio and Logbog prospects.

Although assay results did not reveal significant additional gold mineralisation, considerations for deeper RC drilling within and beneath the 2-kilometre-long Podio mineralised shell are underway, aiming to generate a JORC-compliant Mineral Resource estimate.

Logbog prospect

At the Logbog prospect, Desert Metals‘ first hole, TEN-AC0037, drilled near the western boundary of the Tengrela South permit, encountered pegmatite, with the end-of-hole finishing within this geological formation.


Figure 2: Desert Metals’ Podio and Logbog regional drilling plan

Notably, this pegmatite exhibited characteristics of partially weathered lepidolite, a lithium-bearing mineral, from 23 to 29 metres depth. Samples have been dispatched for analysis, with results anticipated in May 2024.

Subsequently, Desert Metals identified an outcropping pegmatite rich in spodumene and lepidolite, located 600 metres southwest of TEN-AC0037 on a neighbouring permit, with geologists noting similarities to the spodumene-bearing pegmatites at the Atex Project’s Spodumene Hill target 22 kilometres south.

Encouraged by the significant gold and pegmatite intersections at Logbog, Desert Metals plans further aircore drilling to explore these discoveries, aiming to expand mineralisation areas at Tengrela South.

Additional gold targets have been identified in recent alluvial works, underscoring the Project’s exploration priority, especially given its proximity to the prolific Sissingué gold mine operated by Perseus Mining Limited.

Adzope Gold Project reconnaissance

In addition, the company offered an update on its reconnaissance visit to the Adzope Gold Project in March 2024, which is currently under application and awaiting approval from the district Government mining registrar.

The team observed extensive alluvial gold mineralisation spanning a 2.1 square kilometre area in the northeast section of the permit application area, with five artisanal pits exploiting oxidised primary-weathered and in-situ gold mineralisation.

These pits were developed on multiple, parallel, steeply-east-dipping, and northeast-trending gold-bearing quartz veins, approximately 120 metres wide.

With the permit anticipated to be granted in Q2 2024, the company plans to commence on-ground exploration shortly thereafter, with the potential for RC drilling at the zone of gold-bearing quartz veins upon permit approval.

Management commentary

Desert Metals’ Managing Director Stephen Ross expressed satisfaction with the discovery, stating “Desert Metals is pleased to report this significant, shallow, end-of-hole gold intersection 3.5km south of Podio, in a geological setting that is representative of large gold deposits in the region.

“This drilling was designed to test second-tier, or less coherent, spot gold anomalies located in favourable geological positions concealed beneath thin transported cover.

“This positive result gives us the confidence to pursue other historical, second-tier, gold in soil anomalies that could equally represent new mineralised structures in areas of transported cover. A 2,000-sample soil program has already been planned for the northern part of the Project area, and a second round of follow-up aircore drilling is scheduled to commence in May 2024. RC drilling into the Podio gold mineralisation is also planned,” he said.

Additionally, Ross highlighted the promising findings at the Adzope Gold Project, where extensive artisanal gold mining indicates significant potential for further discoveries.


Figure 3: Adzope Gold Project and artisanal workings

“Multiple mineralised structures are being worked by the artisanal miners for gold, and the extensive alluvial mining clearly reflects the potential for the discovery of gold in multiple, additional mineralised structures over a large area. Planning of the initial exploration program is well advanced and will commence immediately upon the granting of this permit,” Ross added.

DM1’s Australian Security Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at $0.026 (12:15 pm UTC+ 8 hours).

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