Kavango commence drilling at Karakubis Copper Project

17 June 2024 19:04

Kavango Resources plc (LSE:KAV), a Southern Africa-focused metals exploration company, has announced the start of its drilling operations at the Karakubis Copper Project in Botswana’s Kalahari Copper Belt (KCB).

Priority targets identified

Kavango has pinpointed 15 high-priority targets for the initial phase of drilling. Drill holes are strategically planned to investigate favourable trap sites, confirm stratigraphy, and evaluate the potential for large-scale copper-silver mineralisation.

The high-priority targets are situated above interpreted doubly-plunging fold structures over gravity highs, where faulting is conducive to trap site development. The first phase involves approximately 5,000 meters of drilling, targeting depths between 150 and 350 meters below the surface.

Mitchell Drilling, Kavango’s contract driller, is set up and ready to commence drilling this week. Additional priority targets are expected as data processing and interpretation continue for Survey Blocks 1A and 1B.

Management comments

Ben Turney, Chief Executive Officer of Kavango Resources, expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming drilling campaign. “This is the most sophisticated drill campaign ever undertaken by Kavango. Over the last 2 years, we’ve made substantial improvements to our team and exploration methods.

“This has culminated in this 5,000m diamond drill programme and I would like to thank all our people for their creativity and commitment in making this happen.”

Turney believes this program could be transformational for Kavango’s shareholders. “Our immediate objective now is to test these probable trap sites and prove that copper mineralising fluids passed through our ground. If we can achieve this it will be a transformational event for Kavango’s shareholders.”

Drilling objectives

The drilling strategy at Karakubis aims to validate current interpretations by establishing the stratigraphic position, verifying the presence of structural trap sites, and confirming the presence of a copper/silver mineralising system through the identification of pathfinder minerals.

Further exploration will be guided by the interpretation of these results.

KAV’s London Security Exchange-listed share price is currently trading at 1.50 GBX (7:00 pm UTC+ 8 hours)

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