Global Lithium confirm excellent results from Manna Ore sorting trials

4 July 2024 15:54

Global Lithium Resources Limited (ASX:GL1) has announced successful outcomes from their ore sorting variability trials at the Manna Lithium Project, situated 100km east of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

These trials, which form part of the ongoing Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) set for completion in the second half of 2024, have demonstrated the effectiveness of ore sorting technology in enhancing lithium recovery and grade.

Trials highlights

The ore sorting trials involved six ore samples, each weighing between 150 and 300 kilograms and representing different periods of the project’s mine life. These samples were processed at the Steinert Test Facility in Perth under controlled conditions.

Three of the samples were diluted with waste material to simulate actual mining conditions, while the remaining samples were undiluted to verify high-grade ore processing capabilities.

The results showed substantial upgrades in lithium grades from the results previously reported in September 2023.

  • High-Grade Ore: From 1.41% to 1.75% Li2O
  • Medium-Grade Ore: From 1.13% to 1.77% Li2O
  • Spodumene-Dominant Ore: From 0.77% to 1.10% Li2O
  • Low-Grade Ore: From 0.56% to 1.31% Li2O

Table 1: Summary of ore sorting results – High-grade spodumene ore with mine dilution.


Table 2: Summary of ore sorting results – Medium-grade spodumene ore with mine dilution.


Table 3: Summary of Ore Sorting Results – Spodumene-dominant ore with mine dilution.


Table 4: Summary of ore sorting results – Low-grade spodumene ore with mine dilution.

The trials also confirmed high iron rejection rates, averaging 95% in the reject streams.

Figure 1 shows a typical example of the ore sorted rejects and accept fractions. The main waste rock types are basalt, gabbro and biotite, which are dark grey to black in appearance and have a range in magnetic susceptibilities.

The ore sorted accepts are white to light grey in appearance and typically consist of spodumene, quartz, albite, microcline and muscovite.


Figure 1: Typical composition of ore sorted rejects and accepts.

The ore sorting process demonstrated significant improvements in lithium grades for both high-grade and low-grade ores, indicating the technology’s potential to enhance the project’s economic viability.

Lithia losses for the three diluted ore samples ranged between 4% and 12%, which is consistent with the lithia losses reported for the diluted high-grade ore sample processed through the ore sorting plant in 2023.


Figure 2: Lithium and spodumene grade recovery curves for the final ore sorting products.

QEMSCAN results confirmed true spodumene losses to ore sorted rejects are significantly lower than indicated by lithium assays, ranging between 0.1% and 2.9%, indicating excellent liberation of pegmatite ore from contact waste rock.

Figure 2 provides the grade recovery curves for the four diluted ore samples tested to date, showing lithia and spodumene losses respectively. Over 97% spodumene recovery rate across various ore samples has been confirmed by QEMSCAN® mineralogical analysis.

Given the technology has been proven effective in upgrading both low-grade and high-grade ores, the company has implemented the incorporation of ore sorting technology into the processing flowsheet, potentially increasing mill feed grade from 1.0% to 1.2% Li2O.

Management comments

Global Lithium Project Director Dr Tony Chamberlain praised the results. “This final round of trials confirms ore sorting is highly amenable to the Manna Lithium deposit. The technology has demonstrated impressive spodumene recoveries, while rejecting a large percentage of associated waste material across a range of ore samples throughout the deposit.

“These positive outcomes will be incorporated into the Manna Lithium Project DFS which is due for completion in H2 CY24.”

GL1’s Australian Security Exchange-listed share price is up 8% today, currently trading at $0.28 (3:30 pm UTC+ 8 hours)

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